Seeing double: The royals have worn the same outfit on more occasions than you'd think

Who wore it better: royal edition.

By Alex Lilly
One of the perks of being a royal is being styled by the world's greatest and most influential designers.
Indeed, we've seen some of our favourite duchesses and princesses decked out in some of the most drop-dead gorgeous fashion ensembles, but just because you're a member of the monarchy, it doesn't mean your outfit is an original.
Over the years, we've seen the royals wear the exact same outfit, perhaps with a tweak or two, but it's not too surprising when you think about it.
Royals, especially the women, often have to adhere to strict dress codes that require them to not show off too much skin but still look glamorous for a state banquet or charity gala.
From the ever-stylish Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge through to the less-reported-on Swedish royals, take a look at some of our favourite occasions when royals have worn the same ensemble. We'd say who wore it better, but we genuinely can't pick one!
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