Fashion Trends

Saunter into your post-lockdown weddings with your best frock forward, but this time it’s all about party hems and bold aesthetics

It's time to party in ode to our freedom.

By Faye Couros
The sun is setting on the reign on lockdowns in our pandemic journey, and now most of us are either half or fully vaccinated our worlds are about to open up again.
We can already hear the chime of church bells and the pang of party poppers from all the upcoming 2022 weddings.
For almost two years, we have held our breaths for our friends, nervously saved dates, and shed tears for the couples we know who have cancelled their nuptials.
The numbers have added up, and we can already tell it's going to be a busy year full of weddings, so the time has come to arm your wardrobes with outfits to prepare yourself for the champagne popping marathon.
However, this wedding season will not be like any other because we will be partying with unhinged glee as we celebrate our long-earned freedom.
So, think bold, think short, think sexy and most importantly, think comfort because, after months in drawstring pants, we can't fully embrace the unconformable cuts from a bygone era.
Here are five wedding guest fashion trends that you're going to love.

Bright colours are your friend

While bold colours aren't for everyone, maybe it's time to embrace the fun and flirt of frolicking in an eye-catching frock.
Limited Edition Halter Dress, $139.00, Zara. Zara
Forever New Curve Billie Midi, $149.99, The Iconic. The Iconic
Alma Asymmetrical Bias Cowl, $295.00, Shona Joy. Shona Joy
Riviera Knit Twist Midi Dress, $280.00, Bec & Bridge. Bec & Bridge

Short hems aren’t to be feared

Short dresses have dominated the runways of Spring/Summer 2022 because Europe is ready to party, and so are we! Free up your legs so you can dance intensely to Love Tonight.
Printed Mini Dress, $69.95, Zara. Zara
Pilgrim Beronie Mini Dress, $199.95, The Iconic. The Iconic
Pilgrim Dublin Midi Dress, $189.95, The Iconic. The Iconic
Linen Blend Dress, $34.99, H&M. H&M

Cutouts for a subtly sexy effect

There is a reason the cut-out trend isn't dying, and that's because you don't have to commit to a stomach baring crop top, but you can still feel sexy showing off some tasteful skin.
Phoenix Midi Dress, $320.00, Bec & Bridge. Bec & Bridge
Floral Print Dress, $109.00, Zara. Shona Joy
La Lune Midi Dress, $340.00, Shona Joy. Shona Joy
Aere Cut Out Maxi Dess, $112.00, The Iconic. The Iconic

Jumpsuits for day and night comfort

Jumpsuits are the perfect solution for easy dressing and comfort, plus they will help you stand out from the dress donning crowd.
Forever New Claude Cut Out Jumpsuit, $159.99, The Iconic. The Iconic
Femme Luxe Cowl Neck Jumpsuit, $68.00, Asos. Asos
Forever New Eden Satins Cowl Jumpsuit, $169.99, The Iconic. The Iconic
Solace Jumpsuit, $250.00, Ginger and Smart. Ginger and Smart

You’re going to look strapping in this trend

Spaghetti and unexpectedly placed straps were a delicate trend featured in 2022's Spring/Summer fashion shows, so get onto this gorgeous and edgy aesthetic before everyone else.
Aere Strappy Maxi Dress, $170.00, The Iconic. The Iconic
Lazer Midi Dress, $380.00, Bec & Bridge. Bec & Bridge
Veronique Maxi Dress, $330.00, Bec & Bridge. Bec & Bridge
Vixen Maxi Dress, $360.00, Bec & Bridge.