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Natalie Barr has slammed this impractical fashion trend and we couldn’t agree more!

It was time someone said it!

By Faye Couros
It's lucky that fashion trends come and go because sometimes we are stuck with some disappointing takes on otherwise perfectly good clothes.
Sunrise host Natalie Barr has taken to her Instagram to slam cutout dresses for being impractical and unnecessary.
Over the past year, fashion has been dominated by skin exposing trends like crop tops, bralettes, and low-waisted pants… and the one thing these cuts have in common is they're simply not accessible to everyone.
Natalie shared a selfie from inside a walk-in wardrobe, and in it, she's wearing a green mid-length dress which she has styled with pumps and a strategically placed white belt.
Her face is notably disinterested in her attire with her hand firmly placed on her hip.
In her caption, she explained the reason behind her unimpressed look.
She began her message by calling on her female fans and asking them, "Ok girls.. anyone else struggling to find clothes without cutouts all over them!!"
Then she outlined her argument with passionate prose and relatable facts.
"I mean I hate to sound old but really.. they're taking over. Love the dress but had to hide this one under a belt this morning. 🤦‍♀️😂#attackofthecutouts #hidethecutouts #faashion #amijustgettingold," she said.
Natalie's fans felt seen by the presenter, and many flooded her comment section with their personal cutout woes.
One said, "Yesssss. I'm overweight and struggle to find clothes without the cutout. Not every big girl wants to show off their body, and not every small girl wants to show off theirs either."
Another wrote, "So many beautiful dresses but too many with cutouts."
Nat is far from impressed by this trend. Instagram
Not all fashion trends are made equal, and this is just not it…
It's reminiscent of a horrid time worth forgetting in the late 2000s when some unnecessary slogan or buzzword destroyed every normal shirt.
The hunt for proper classics and timeless elegance that's fit for any occasion shouldn't be so hard to find, but alas, the way of the world right now is all about flashing skin.
But perhaps Nat is going to help turn the tide, and she is already reaping the benefits of her social media labour.
Because the brand Irving & Powell promised the 53-year-old a skirt from their new collection, which is cutout free and gifted with pockets.
For the lot of us who aren't about to have brands send us clothes, we have found some flirty, powerful, and pretty dresses, without cutouts, to see you through your busy days and special occasions.
MVN Little Of Your Love Dress, $109.00, The Iconic. The Iconic
Friend of Audrey Classic Black Singlet Dress, $169.95, The Iconic. The Iconic
Carmen Pleated Midi Dress, $159.99, Forever New. Forever New
Elodie Jersey Midi Dress, $79.99, Forever New. Forever New
Tara Curve Tiered Smock Dress, $67.49, Forever New.
Asos Design Smock Dress with Gadets, $64.00, Asos. Asos
Miss Selfridge Petite Shirt Mini Dress, $60.00, Asos. Asos
Wednesday's Girl Midi Smock Dress, $44.00, Asos. Asos
Poplin Midi Dress, $69.95, Zara. Zara
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