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The BEST, most jaw-dropping looks from the MAFS’ Final Vows ceremonies

These end-of-season fit-and-flares are more eye-catching than each of the MAFS’ stars’ original wedding dresses!

By Ellie McDonald
Another year, another MAFS commitment ceremony/final vows powwow. But this time, while we were half choking up, half cringing listening to Telv tell Sarah she focuses too much on the little things (while picking our jaws up off the ground after Troy said Ash was more like a sister to him…), we couldn't help but notice the rocking frocks each of these eligible ladies were wearing.
Not only were these white-laced wonders fabulously figure-fitting and flattering, but they have outright outshine their original MAFS' wedding dresses!
Starting with…

Melissa Walsh

What a knockout! Not only did Mel's look knock the socks of John standing across from her, but us viewers at home, too.
Sweet and petite Mel's kick-flare skirt gives her derriere the Pippa Middleton treatment, and we're screen-shotting her effortlessly blow-dried locks (extensions, included) for the next time we take a trip to the hairdresser…

Tracey Jewel

She may have unceremoniously dumped badboy Dean on national television, but by God Tracey did it in style! Her high-neck halter and rouged waistline detail made for one helluva classic gown.
Teamed with a head of simplistic strands and the make-up to match, Tracey really is a jewel by name and a jewel by fashionating nature.

Ashley Irvin

Ever been called up by someone you're dating and you just have the feeling they're going to do that supposedly 'nice-guy' thing of breaking up with you to your face? Well, we wish we could look as smashing as Ashley when she was mutually dumped by Troy.
Because if we could walk away from the bloke who just broke up with us with as much style, poise and grace (And a perfectly baby-pink pout) like Ash just did, we'd win that break-up for sure…

Charlene Perera

Beachside beauty doesn't come as naturally striking as Charlene's Final Vows get-up.
Windswept hair, a white lace dress that only just scraps her ankles – no wonder Patrick was crying tears of love and joy looking at his reality-TV bride!

Sarah Roza

Going against the grain of her MAFS' bride counterparts, Sarah opted for a glowing, glittery and gilded show-stopper that's just as perfectly glamourous as she is.
We're getting red-carpet vibes from this sexy siren – va-va VOOM!