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PSA: These bargain shoes Meghan Markle and Margot Robbie swear by are PERFECT

We know what we'll be wearing from now on.

By Jess Pullar
Just when you thought your summer shoes were ready to be put to rest as the chilling advance of winter approaches, we get this very hot tip.
And let's be honest - there's a Carrie Bradshaw in us all when it comes to the much-loved happiness-inducing art of buying new shoes - and it doesn't matter what the season is, if they're fashionable, comfortable and budget-friendly, they a royal tick of approval from us.
We use the phrase quite literally, because we've just discovered there's a certain affordable shoe brand that a very stylish royal swears by, and she goes by the name of Meghan Markle.
We'll have whatever she's having. (Image: Getty)
Indeed, it's come to our shoe-obsessed attention that Markle is fond of a particular footwear label that's also adored by celebrities including Margot Robbie - and they won't cost you more than $150.
What's more, instead of having to trawl through the internet attempting to get our hands on a pair of these celeb-worthy wheels that usually sell out - especially when the Duchess of Sussex is involved - there's still a plethora of styles to choose from, and they're readily available at the click of a button.
Enter the humble espadrille - in this instance, those crafted by NYC label Soludos.
The stylish range of footwear has an entire collection available on Australian and New Zealand shopping website The Iconic, and there's only one issue left to solve in this too-good-to-be-true scenario: Which style to choose!?
If you're after some inspiration, look no further than Meghan Markle herself, who wore a pair of light blue and white striped "slippers" by the brand back in her non-royal days.
Sharing the image to her now-defunct blog The Tig, the Duchess proved she was just like the rest of us by wearing the style (recognisable from its wide stitches around the sole), with her feet sitting atop the back (giving them a comfy slide-style look and feel).
Pairing them with a pair of distressed jeans with rips and the knee, we've got all the style inspiration we need.
Meghan's eye for style is undeniable - we'll happily take cues. (Image: Instagram / @thetigunofficial)
And while Meghan's exact style doesn't seem to be available anymore, they've got plenty of prints and colours in the same style that are frankly, way too perfect.
See our favourite styles below.
Soludos Ciao Bella Smoking Slippers, $119.95. Available here. (Image: The Iconic)
Soludos Feminist Smoking Slippers, $129.95. Available here. (Image: The Iconic)
Meanwhile, other celebrities including Margot Robbie and Hillary Duff also swear by the brand - known for its traditional blanket style fabric and shape that stretches with your foot.
With this in mind, it's no wonder Margot opted for a quirky pair to round out her chic travel outfit.
Margot just decided exactly what we'll be wearing next time we fly. (Image: Getty)
Get Margot's look with these Solados Wink Embroidery Slippers, $119.95. Available here. (Image: The Iconic)
Meanwhile, mum-of-two Hilary Duff is a big fan of the simplistic style - and fair enough, we can imagine she needs comfortable, nifty footwear as she balances looking after her children and being on-set all day.
Hilary Duff is nailing the cool casual espadrille look. (Image: Getty)
Get Hillary's style with these Soludos original Dali shoes, $79.95. Available here. (Image: The Iconic)
And if these starlets aren't enough to convince you, there's a host of other celebrities who have been known to wear the brand in the past, including Brie Larson, Jennifer Aniston, Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez.
Lucky for Aussies, our winter climate doesn't completely confine us to boots and sheepskin-lined uggs for the chillier seasons - provided the weather stays dry.
With the promise of those slightly balmier winter days, a pair of smart, closed over espadrilles over a pair of three-quarter capris will give your wardrobe and your confidence a boost. Long live the espadrille!
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