8 wardrobe staples every woman needs, according to Duchess Catherine

Have you ever noticed that Duchess Catherine loves wearing a few trusty items over and over? Here are the ones you should add to your wardrobe, stat.

By Mahalia Chang
Let's face it: Our wardrobes might be full of going out dresses, fancy occasion outfits and the odd throwback to the '90s, but we all know there are just a handful of things that we actually wear regularly.
Whether it's our favourite trusty pair of jeans, a flattering top, or that bargain dress that keeps on giving, it's important to have a core of staples to build your wardrobe around.
And no one — and we mean no one — knows that better that Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge.
The stylish royal mum might have access to dresses and coats galore, and wear couture outfits every now then, but the royal has proven time and again how much she loves to stick to the basics.
Cycling through her wardrobe, you find that the Duchess constantly re-wears items she really loves, and has variations on things she knows works for her.
If you're hunting for some updates to your closet, or want to treat yourself to something special (and re-wearable!), we zeroed in on eight of Kate's go-to wardrobe staples to inspire.
Happy shopping.

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