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To bra or not to bra? Here's why you need to think twice before going au natural while working from home

The temptation is real, but so is gravity.

By Jess Pullar
In 2020, we've experienced a huge amount of change - and perhaps one of the most significant is the sudden shift to working from home.
While working in an office, we're accustomed to ensuring we put our best face forward each day, with make up, tidy clothing and a neat hairstyle all part and parcel of our morning routines.
But as the COVID-19 pandemic turns the workforce on its head and thousands of people begin working from home, we're now navigating the surprising novelty of our own, self-created home offices.
For many of us, that means one thing - bye bye uncomfortable bra!
But should we be thinking twice before letting the gals roam free from our couch to kitchen?
According to a bra expert and the owner of one of Australia's biggest lingerie retailers, we might need to rethink the whole bra-less approach while we work from home.
Owner of Big Girls Karen Edbrooke told Now To Love that despite the temptation to go au natural whilst making the most of our baggy sweats and trackies, there are some long term effects to consider.
"If people at home go for a few months without wearing a bra, your bust will drop," she said.
"That's the lure of gravity – you'll loose the elasticity."
As Karen herself deals with the fallout from the pandemic, which has all but eliminated the opportunity for customers to shop in-person, the business owner has found other ways to help women, to ensure they're educated and informed.
Hosting live fashion parades and virtual fitting rooms, where customers can schedule one-on-one meetings with her staff via Skype to be properly fitted, Karen is well-aware of the changing sentiment from her customer base.
"Now people are working from home, they're crouching more, and their desks might not be at the right height," she explained.
"Some are starting to get pains, especially if they have a fuller bust and having to strain their neck."
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Interestingly, inquiries for 'posture bras' have gone through the roof, she added.
Karen's original posture bra, which was one of her first styles sold in the business when it began 27 years ago, has a reinforcing powernet which straightens shoulders and supports the back.
Or, if you're not wanting to go for a full bra, things like leisure bras and sleep bras can also do the trick.
Exquisite cotton posture bra, $39.95. Available online via Big Girls.
Leading lady front opening leisure bra, $39.95. Available online via Big Girls.
Of course, those with smaller busts might wonder if they warrant a constant over shoulder holder, but even if you're quite comfortable in forgoing a bra when out and about, Karen reckons it's still important to consider support.
"Even if it's just a crop top or a light sports bra, otherwise, your bust will start weighing down," she explained.
And as for Australia as a collective, wearing bras now could also save you some money down the track.
"If people go bra-less for a few months, I'd say plastic surgeons will make a lot of money later in the year!"
Duly noted!

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