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11 affordable and comfy block heels that won't hurt your feet

Your feet will thank us later!

By Rebecca Sullivan
With the spring racing season almost upon us, the time has come to start figuring out what cute outfits we're going to wear this season while we tuck into a Champagne with our girlfriends and pretend to pay attention to the actual horse races happening right in front of us.
But as anyone who has spent a day at the races knows, trudging across huge racecourses from midday until the sun sets can be an absolute battle if you're wearing heels.
It's challenging to find a pair of shoes that still look cute, but won't give you blisters by 3pm and have you traipsing out of the venue with your heels slung over your shoulder - and no one wants to be that person.
So we've been on the hunt for affordable, comfortable and stylish block heel shoes that don't pinch your feet and also won't sink into the grass, a common annoyance at fun outdoor summer gatherings.
We've already found 13 cool headpieces under $60 that will make you look race-ready and also some chic budget copycat versions of the designer heels everyone is going nuts for at the moment.
So keep scrolling for 11 pairs of block heels that are perfect for the upcoming spring racing season.
All the links to buy are in the captions.

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