These self-isolating celebs are proving that lockdown loungewear is 2020's ultimate trend

All dressed down and (blissfully) no where to go.

By Jess Pullar
Of all the things to come from our temporary new life in self-isolation, we reckon one of the best is a refreshed appreciation for loungewear.
There's no doubt in our minds that everyone (including ourselves) has succumbed to the ever-alluring reprieve of wearing sweatpants in the past - whenever the moment has allowed, of course.
But never before has said moment be so patently available to us.
Yep, in a silver lining to beat all other silver linings in this whole debacle, life in lockdown as lent itself to revive not only the humble sweat pant, but also our back-of-the-cupboard sweat shirts, pyjama shorts and all the baggy tees to our heart's desire.
And the cherry on top of the fashion-filled pie? They've never looked as chic as they do now - because literally everyone is on board.
We don't say that lightly - you might have noticed your Instagram feeds filling up quick smart with an array of chic loung wear outfits worn by some well-known faces.
So much so that you might have even made a cheeky online shopping order for some fresh new lush-and-loose loungewear threads.
But in case you missed the memo, or if you're just after some plain old isolation style inspo, we've rounded up the very best celebrity fashion moments from lockdown.
Keep scrolling (ideally in your trackie-dacks) as we journey through the newfound 2020 runway - lounge room style.
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