Bold colours and daring splits: Carrie Bickmore’s best style moment simply ooze graceful confidence

She wears red like a pro.

By Faye Couros
Carrie Bickmore is an impeccably accomplished woman in her career. She has risen to the top of Australia's broadcast journalism totem pole to become one of radio and TV's most respected and charismatic stars.
What's more in her personal life, she has championed important causes like brain cancer research and feminism, all while being a devoted partner, mum-of-three as well. Plus, she's served many inspiring fashion moments.
Whether she's on the TV WEEK Logie Awards red carpet in punchy colours, high slits, and clean seams or looking appropriately elegant and modern as she presents lighthearted and serious news stories on The Project, , Carrie's found a style that works for her and has thankfully stuck to it.
She certainly strikes a nice balance between casual, fresh, and trendy that accentuates her bright spirit.
To celebrate her wearable and show-stopping style, we have compiled a list of Carrie's best looks to date.
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