The best revenge dresses worn by celebrities from royalty to reality stars

Revenge is a dish best served smoking hot.

By Alex Lilly
When you're living in the public eye, things like break ups and divorces automatically become 10 times harder.
And while most of us would react to heartbreak by changing into our baggiest, comfiest loungewear and hiding away with a tub of ice cream, these celebrities opted to show their ex what they're missing rather than hide away.
Princess Diana arguably kicked off the revenge dress trend when she stepped out in 1994 on the same day that her ex-husband, Prince Charles, first spoke about his relationship with Camilla Parker-Bowles publicly in a slinky black number.
Since then, we've seen homegrown stars and international icons make a public fashion statement to show their exes what they're missing. After all, looking drop-dead gorgeous without a care in the world is the ultimate middle finger.
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