Embrace your curves! These are the best bikinis to flatter bigger busts, including two approved by Abbie Chatfield herself

And the three key things to look for in a supportive cossie.

By Maddison Leach
Every summer, women around Australia crack out their cossies and head to the beach to make the most of the sun and surf.
But around the nation, millions of women with bigger busts struggle to find swimwear styles that are both flattering and supportive. In fact, finding a bikini or one-piece that ticks even one of those boxes can be tricky.
Just about any woman who is bigger than a DD-cup can tell you how disheartening that experience can be, including former Bachelor star and body-positive queen Abbie Chatfield.
"It's really hard to find togs that are for big, natural boobs that aren't going to squish them and also have a smaller band size," she told Ruby Staley for RAQ Reads.
Former Bachelor star Abbie Chatfield used to struggle to find bikinis that fit her figure. (RAQ Apparel)
Fortunately, things are changing in the swimwear world and now there are bikini ranges and entire brands dedicated to supporting (pun intended) busty women.
Abbie teamed up with one of those brands, RAQ Apparel, to design her own range of bikinis just for busty women, after struggling for years to find styles that suit her.
With the collab launching on Thursday, the 26-year-old revealed on Instagram that the range is "supportive, flattering and f--king hot" - so they check all the boxes!
But RAQ isn't the only brand jumping on the busty swimwear bandwagon; Marvell Lane is another trailblazer founded right here in Australia by fellow busty lady Rachael Calvert.
She designs fun, flattering bikinis and one pieces in a whopping 30 different bra sizes, telling Now To Love exclusively: "Generally speaking, the three key elements to keep an eye out for are underwires, adjustable straps, and an adjustable back.
"We include at least two, if not three, of these elements in all our designs."
Other brands like Form and Fold are designed specifically for busty women, while Monday Swimwear and Brava carry styles that are great for fuller figures too.
ASOS also carries a whole "fuller bust" range that offers more affordable options, if shopping on a budget this summer.
There are now entire swimwear brands like Marvell Lane dedicated to supporting busty women. (Instagram/Marvell Lane)
So what should you be looking for when it comes to buying a bikini or one-piece for a bigger bust?
"When it comes to fitting women with a fuller bust, there are a few quick style tips that help make all the difference, depending on your individual needs," Rachael tells us.
"For example, if you require additional shaping and lift, then an underwire is essential - it provides wonderful support and a nice, rounded shape.
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"If you're more active in the water or like to swim laps, then a crop-style swimsuit works best, however, the same principle applies; seek out an underwire for shape, lift and support.
"Finally, adjustable straps are non-negotiable. We're all different heights and shapes and the ability to change the strap lengths means you can tailor it to your individual needs.
"This means no more slipping of straps and additional support when setting them at the right height."
With all that in mind, here are some of our favourite bikinis and one-pieces that support and flatter bigger boobs this summer!
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