We may never want to see low rise jeans again, but these iconic Aussie celebs from the 2000s are unexpected fashion inspirations

The 2000s are back!

By Faye Couros
Today, many look at key fashion trends of the 2000s with distaste.
But while it lacked the edginess of the 90s, it had an authentic charm that can never exist again in our now totally curated world.
The naughties were a time before the stylised, beautified, and perfectly put together celebrities.
Perhaps it was the only time in history where women in the public eye were free to wear whatever took their fancy.
There was no fear of over accessorising, odd layering, tiny miniskirts and mix-matched patterns, and it was random, experimental, but ultimately raw.
The trends were also endless, from earnest Ugg boots, skinny scarfs, low rise jeans, bold accessories, shirts tucked under tops, chocker necklaces, big belts and vests.
Because women were given this space to be creative, free and a little undone, it was like new trends kept rolling out onto the playing field every day.
Now, 2000s' key trends have re-emerged from the fashion grave by the bold and brave Generation Z, along with contemporary fashion designers like Jacquemus and Balenciaga.
Of course, in 2021, those inspired by the era are creating more nuanced and paired back versions of the trends, and while they are exciting, there is still something intriguing about the original looks.
Although Paris Hilton, the Spice Girls and Mischa Barton may be the 2000s It Girls that come to mind, it would be a shame to sleep on the Australian celebrities who wore some incredible looks during the naughties.
From Home and Away belles to Hollywood sirens, there is incredible archive of 2000s moments that can inspire your 2021 looks.
Without further ado, here are the best looks from your favourite Australian celebrities. Welcome to this wild sartorial ride.