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Crisp, content: Pia Miller's latest outfit pic basically sums up our style inspo for the rest of summer

Just don't spill anything...

By Jess Pullar
As the summer sun continues to beam down on us, our summer wardrobes continue to do overtime.
Seriously, it feels like we've used up every single variation of mix and matching shorts, tees, dresses and sandals - and yet still, we're looking at another couple of months of warm weather.
So really, you can't blame us if we're keeping our eyes peeled for summery outfit inspiration.
And lucky for us, we reckon we've found the ultimate summer trend - white on white.
Yes, the colour combo isn't exactly new per se, but the trend is alive and well as 2021 gets underway - and you don't have to look far to know why.
Case in point, Pia Miller.
This week, the actress and model was inundated by fans who wanted to know exactly where her outfit was from. The outfit in question? A white on white extravaganza.
Pia shared a quick pic detailing her all-white outfit. (Instagram)
Lucky for them (and us), Pia gave the people what they wanted, and shared a pic to her Instagram story pin-pointing where each item she was wearing was from.
From the likes of Viktoria and Woods, as well as Bassike and even Louis Vuitton, Pia's outfit certainly didn't come cheap.
We're talking triple figures for each, so for those on a budget, the real life look was a tad unattainable.
Pia Miller is a style muse to her fans and following. (Instagram)
Never fear however - with white designs being rife in stores right now (read: linen clothing, AKA summer's best friend, traditionally comes in white), there's a plethora of affordable options worthy of Pia's dreamy outfit available at the click of a button.
So with that said, how could we not go and source them for ourselves?
Keep scrolling as we round up the best white designs that won't break the bank.
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