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40 style tips every woman should know before 40

Commit these pieces of dressing wisdom to memory for your best style ever.

1. If you don't feel good, you won't look good.
2. Wearing all-neutrals might not be as practical as all-black, but it's just as fashionable.
3. Some of the most stylish people have a fashion 'uniform'.
4. A nude pair of heels will elongate your legs.
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5. Proper tailoring is key.
6. A well-fitted bra and underwear should be the basis to any outfit.
7. If in doubt, it's better to be overdressed than the opposite.
8. Horizontal stripes are classic and versatile — not always the enemy!
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9. It's worth spending the time (and money) finding a flattering, classic pair of sunglasses in either black or brown that flatter your face.
10. Skinny jeans are best in mid-blue to dark-blue, nothing lighter.
11. A belt can finish an outfit, whether with pants or cinched around the waist.
12. A camel-coloured trench coat is timeless.
13. Navy and black can (and should) be worn together.
14. Sneakers are perfectly acceptable day wear; just team them with slim-fitting jeans or pants.
15. You should have a black-tie dress in your wardrobe, but it doesn't have to be black.
16. A handheld clothing steamer can be a godsend in the morning and ensure you always look polished.
17. A leather jacket will add instant cool to any outfit.
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18. Skirts that hit your knee or just above are generally the most flattering.
19. Shapewear (in both nude and black) is a valuable addition to any underwear drawer.
20. Instead of rolling or pushing up sleeves (which can look messy), fold the sleeve once so the edge sits just above the elbow, then fold the bottom again to secure.
21. A scarf is one of the easiest and most stylish ways to accessorise an outfit.
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22. Choose quality over quantity every time.
23. The elements of an outfit shouldn't match, but rather complement, each other.
24. If you haven't worn something in the last six months (except for when it’s a seasonal piece, such as a coat), donate it to charity.
25. A pair of tailored black pants is a must.
26. A jumpsuit is most flattering when its tailored or cinched at the waist.
Topshop Bow Front Jumpsuit, approx. $48
27. When trying on clothes, grab the size below and size above the one you'd usually wear, and compare how all three fit.
28. Spray your favourite perfume onto clothes before you put them on to make your scent last longer and feel more authentic.
29. Keep a Pinterest or Tumblr account of outfits you like so you can quickly scroll through it when you're stuck for ideas.
30. Find three colours that complement your skin tone, then buy multiple T-shirts in those colours so you always have something flattering to put on with jeans and a blazer.
31. A white button-down shirt is infinitely versatile.

32. Check the care label on an item before buying it so you know if you're signing up for a lot of hand-washing or dry cleaning.
33. At the end of winter, take your coats and good sweaters to be dry cleaned.
34. A swimsuit with block colours or lines will always be more flattering than one with dainty prints.
35. A wide-brimmed hat is a skin saviour and classic beach look.
36. Jewellery isn't just for special occasions, and can be used to dress up an everyday outfit.
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37. Always take the time to have things tailored and mended, and take care to scotch guard and/or polish suede and leather bags and shoes.
38. Buy big-ticket pieces such as coats in end-of-season sales and pack them away for when you're ready to wear them.
39. Never buy an item you can't imagine wearing for three different events.
40. Flats can be just as chic as heels.
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