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Zoë Foster Blake makes bitter breakups fashionable with her new clothing line

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By Bettina Tyrrell
Zoë Foster Blake has got your back, literally. The author, skincare entrepreneur and creator of app Break-up Boss - a tool that guides you through your heartache - has leaked images of sassy t-shirt and jumper designs to coincide with the app's advancement into a book later this year.

The mum-of-two took to Instagram to share a preview of the Break-up Boss collection.
"I made some Break-Up Boss stuff for those inflicted with a broken heart. (Or, those who want to gift a forlorn friend.)," she wrote.
"Each item works hard. Take this stylish sweater, for example, which is soft and comfy for the freshly-single-sobbing-on-your-bed-and-living-on-wine bit, AND sassy as hell for the dazzling, mojo-spiked loogoutworld I'm BACK, bit. (Or just anytime/as a non-broken up person.)"
"My god will you boss so hard in this stuff. It's gonna be an all-out boss explosion. A bossplosion!"

So far, the Break-up Boss collection includes a cute and comfy grey jumper with the word 'Boss' embroidered in 80s inspired typography across the chest, and a white tee boasting the same font in a bright pink, all available to purchase through the Break-up Boss website, 12th February.
Hints suggest more items are yet to be revealed. A post announcing the Break-up Boss t-shirt on the app's Instagram account cheekily mentions: "The tee has a few select friends, and together they form the Break-up Boss collection".
While it's not quite clothing, a rose-quartz crystal in the shape of a heart (which promises to help dissolve emotional wounds and pain) has been added Break-up Boss's online buys.

In March last year Zoë launched her Break-up Boss app which she said was originally a book.
"Seven years ago I decided to write a book on break-ups," the 37-year-old explained. "Because I think they're a gift. A chance for epic growth. Painful but largely misunderstood, like Justin Bieber. But life got busy, and the idea was parked."
"Then, last year, I realised it should be an APP, not a book! So, I jammed a books' worth of content into a tidy little app, and today that app and idea is finally live."
The Wrong Girl author says the app is designed to work as a "digital pocket coach" with the singular goal of helping women handle, heal and move on from their breakup in a healthy way.

Earlier this month Zoë announced the app, which was first developed as a book, was going to make it's debut in paper form in April this year.
The Go-To skincare founder says feedback from her fans inspired the shift to a hard-copy version of Break-up Boss.
"But then you guys were all like: 'Make it into a book! Paper is still cool! Also, it means we can gift it to our sad friends real easy!' And since I always listen to you guys, except when you try to tell me lemon sorbet is a viable dessert: here we are," she wrote on Instagram.
Zoe's social media followers were delighted by the news of a Break-up Boss book and now empowering clothing to match.
"Not going through a break up but feel like a boss, can I still wear?" asked one Instagramer, to which Zoe promptly replied: "Of course! I am happily married and wear non-stop."
The Break-up Boss clothing collection will be available through the app and book website.