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What happens when you're too big for plus-sized clothes?

Nadine Newell founded her own plus-size maternity clothing label when she couldn't fit into existing brands.
When Sydney woman Nadine Newell found out she was pregnant she couldn't wait to go shopping for a whole new maternity wardrobe, but her excitement quickly turned to horror when she realised that absolutely nothing fit. Why? Because, like 35 per cent of Australian women, Nadine is plus-sized and most maternity brands don't stock anything bigger than a size 20.
"It was impossible, non-existent," she said.
Store after store turned Nadine away. As the weeks passed, she was forced to look overseas, eventually finding some jeans on an American website.
They fit her perfectly until she was 20 weeks where she reached an impasse: find another source of clothing or go naked.
Thankfully her mother, who was handy with a needle and thread, offered assistance with the former option.
After a quick trip to Spotlight for some fabrics, Nadine had a whole new wardrobe that would see her through the second half of her pregnancy.
With a closet full of beautiful new clothes that actually fit, Nadine decided it was time for action. She didn't want any other women to go through what she had been through and so her clothing range, Plus Maternity, was born.
The label, which Nadine has been running herself for two years, offers a wide range of maternity outfits which are designed, manufactured and packaged in Australia for women between the sizes of 18 and 28.
All patterns are cut to fit a plus-size woman, allowing more room in the bust, stomach and bottom area.
Nadine describes her clothing line as functional and versatile and provides casual and corporate pieces including sleepwear, swim wear and breastfeeding t-shirts.
Some designs from Plus Maternity's current collection. Photography by Oliver Ford.
Some designs from Plus Maternity's current collection. Photography by Oliver Ford.
"My big thing is to get five or six base pieces which you can mix and match in many ways, then your set," Nadine said.
Besides running her clothing brand and website, Nadine enjoys spending time with her five-year-old daughter, Sahara, and believes in staying positive.
"You can only be the best you can be right now" she said.
As well as designing fashionable and comfortable maternity clothing for other plus size mothers-to-be, Nadine also runs a Facebook page which she uses to help provide positive information for women in the same situation.
Nadine is now a role model for other plus-size women, proving that pregnancy can be as easy and fashionable as smaller women make it look.
For more information and to view Nadine's plus size maternity range you can visit the Plus Maternity website or check out her Facebook page for regular updates.