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Victoria Beckham makes an unexpected fashion statement with a hidden meaning - can you spot it?

Nothing wrong with a bit of extra luck...

By Jess Pullar
Victoria Beckham is an iconic style icon of our time, but she's still finding ways to surprise us with her unique fashion choices.
And while her clothing items are in their own league, there's also another thing our dear VB puts a lot of thought into - her accessories.
That's why her latest post on Instagram has caught our eye - especially because it includes a very special detail.
Taking to her 26 million-strong following this week, the British fashion designer shared a candid snap of her neckline, which included a rather striking new accessory - a golden necklace featuring a gorgeous fish-shaped pendant.
The former Spice Girl wrote: "New vintage necklace. The fish charm brings good luck...".
We wouldn't say no to some extra good luck when it looks this chic! (Instagram / @VictoriaBeckham)
Fish are considered lucky in a number of cultures, and some even say they bring wealth and prosperity.
Being real here, Victoria isn't exactly unlucky per se - she's got a gorgeous family of six and definitely doesn't seem like she needs any help on the financial side of things.
But that being said, we're sure the talented fashion maven has her reasons for bringing a bit of extra sparkle to her day.
And you can't deny the necklace is gorgeous, with or without the hidden meaning!
The Beckham family are quite the team! (Instagram / @VictoriaBeckham)
Victoria certainly hasn't been holding back on sharing some of the exciting happenings in her life at present.
Earlier this month, the former singer shared a candid snap from behind the scenes of a shoot for her upcoming beauty line - Victoria Beckham beauty.
In the caption of the post, she revealed a very exciting detail: We can expect to see her new products hit shelves within the next few months!

In another post, the mum-of-four shared a rather fitting snap of herself wearing something else that holds a lot of meaning to her - a slogan t-shirt bearing the phrase 'Style Icon'.
We really can't argue with that!
Victoria didn't want to toot her own horn of course, captioning the pic: "Never know what to wear.. 🤔😂"
It's frank, but we can't help but agree with Victoria's t-shirt statement! (Instagram / @VictoriaBeckham)
Team Beckham are currently enjoying a rather cushy looking holiday in Miami at present, with plenty of candid snaps of the vacay being shared across their various social media accounts.
From water park ventures to boating and swimming with dolphins, this family holiday is one we'd love a cheeky invite to!
Check out all the amazing pictures from it below!

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