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Video shows amazing Photoshop transformation

A still from the shocking video posted online.
The clip, posted on GlobalDemocracy.com, shows a blonde model arriving at a photo shoot bare-faced and with un-styled hair.
The studio's lighting is then switched on, making the model look slimmer, before a hair and makeup artist works her magic, adding lashings of cosmetics and a hairpiece, dramatically altering the model's appearance.
The photo is then taken but the transformation is far from complete.
In the retouching suite, the model's eyes are made bigger, her nose smaller and her lips fuller.
The airbrush then attacks her body, drastically slimming her stomach, arms, bottom and thighs and lengthening her legs and neck.
Her skin-tone is then evened out to make it appear flawless, resulting in an image that bares almost no resemblance to the real life model who posed for it.
The video quickly went viral, being shared hundreds of thousands of times by users around the world.
Many users commented that the clip perfectly highlights how Photoshop is setting unrealistic beauty standards no real woman could ever live up to.
"Without all the fakery, most "gorgeous stars" are no different to the girls in your local pub," one wrote.
While another added: "Why even have a model in the first place if you are just going to transform her into something else? Just create one on the computer."

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