The evolution of Margot Robbie

From Neighbours babe to fully-fledged fashionista, we take a look at Margot Robbie's Hollywood evolution.

She's the Australian beauty making waves in Hollywood, but like many stars from Down Under, Margot Robbie made her humble start on Neighbours.
Before she had every designer in Tinseltown fighting to dress her, the actress' style had to start somewhere - and that somewhere wasn't at Chanel.
The star admits that the '60s are her favourite decade for "the music, the fashion, the clothes, the hair", and this passion clearly influences her style choices.
While we think Margot looks good in anything, she certainly has revolutionised her aesthetic over the years to transform from Neighbours babe to fully-fledged fashionista.
Click though the gallery for a look at Margot Robbie's Hollywood style evolution!

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