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The $30 cult pair of jeans millions of Aussie women sneakily own and love

Did you get the memo?

By Jess Pullar
There's nothing quite like finding a pair of perfectly fitting jeans.
Whether they're worn casually on the weekends to run errands, or dressed up with a nice top for an evening out, the humble jean makes a strong case to be a staple in every women's wardrobe.
There's just one small catch - finding a pair that fits well, feels good and most importantly looks bang out of this world can be tricky - particularly when you consider the array of styles, shapes and sizes denim comes in these days.
That's why one particular pair of jeans is somewhat of a miracle in that it's owned and absolutely adored by millions of Aussie women - oh, and they only cost $30.
Yep, you read that one correctly - it turns out there does exist in this world a pair of jeans comparable only to the mystical one-size-fits-all pair written about in Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants.
In a new report, Target has revealed their classic Sophie jean, which only costs $30, are now owned by 1/8 Aussie women, with over 1.1 million pairs sold since their launch in 2015.
And there's a very good reason for the style's popularity - the company have released it in no less than 17 different variations - with light and dark blues, as well as distressed and raw hemlines.
Coming in sizes 6-18, as well as being available in Target's plus-size range, they really have created a one-style-fits-all scenario.
You can't go past a trusty pair of jeans, especially when they're only $30... (Target)
On the brand's website, a number of buyers have shared their love for the jeans, with one writing: "Amazing jeans, absolute value for money and on trend."
Meanwhile, another called them her "new favourite jeans".
And the style is proving to be flattering on all shapes and sizes, with one person writing: "I am pear shaped with larger thighs and a narrow waist and they fit perfectly."

Even fashion bloggers are swearing by Target's denim range, with one stylish mum who goes by the name mama.hart.style on Instagram sharing a number of pictures featuring the jeans.
When one fan wrote that she "loved the jeans", the fashionable mum wrote back: "Thank you!! They have a bit of stretch so are sooo comfy!"

Suffice to say we're sold on these puppies - and at $30, we might even grab them in more than one colour and style.
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