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Crown Princess Mary has a Jackie Kennedy moment as she arrives at Danish court with Crown Prince Frederik

A sixties staple.

By Jess Pullar
Crown Princess Mary has gifted us a fashion-forward Jackie Kennedy moment after making a special appearance at the Danish Parliament this week.
The stunning 48-year-old was joined by her husband Crown Prince Frederik and mother-in-law Queen Margrethe as the royals celebrated the beginning of the new parliamentary year.
And while any appearance from the royals is undoubtedly a sight to behold, this one was particularly eye-catching - largely due to Mary's very on-point outfit.
As the Tasmanian-born turned Danish royal pulled up to the Folketing Hall at Christiansborg Castle, all eyes were firmly on her - and for good reason.
Wearing a stunning dusty pink pleated midi skirt, the Princess added a smart black blazer jacket and, to top it off, a very Jackie-Kennedy-esque pillbox hat, which sat atop her perfectly slicked back low-bun hairstyle.
Princess Mary had a chic Jackie Kennedy moment as she arrived at the opening of the Danish Parliament. (Getty)
Mary walked in with a large bunch of flowers shortly behind her husband Crown Prince Frederik.
Sharing an update on Instagram, the Danish royal palace explained why the royals had gathered for the occasion - written originally in Danish, the caption roughly translated to: "When the clock struck 12, a new parliamentary year began today in the Folketing Hall at Christiansborg Castle, and true to tradition, Her Majesty the Queen and their Royal Highnesses attended the Crown Prince, Crown Princess and Princess Benedict's first meeting."
The caption continued: "According to the Constitution, the Folketing must open on the first Tuesday in October, and at the opening, the first item on the agenda is always to elect a chairman and deputy chairmen of the Folketing."
In addition to the event, the Danish Prime Minister also delivered a speech.
The Crown Princess was joined by her husband Crown Prince Frederik for the occasion. (Getty)
Check out that glorious skirt. (Getty)
The royal mother-of-four isn't shy of indulging in a good fashion moment or two.
And this certainly isn't the first time she's opted for a humble 1960s-style pillbox hat.
In 2018, Mary and Frederik visited Latvia to celebrate the country's 100th anniversary of independence - and lo and behold, there she stood ever so elegantly in another stylish pillbox hat.
Her pink clad outfit this time around was iconic as ever, might we add.
Mary isn't shy of rocking a pillbox hat, like this one she wore in Latvia in 2018. (Getty)
Tuesday's court event comes after the Danish royals resume their usual public duties following a brief hiatus post-COVID-19 lockdown and after a summer break.
Indeed Mary, who shares four children with Frederik, has been keeping a low profile with her family over the course of the year.
Of course, if there was ever a time to come out swinging with some great fashion hits, this would be it - we've been devoid of her many glorious outfits in 2020.
Hopefully we'll have a few more to come before the year is out.

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