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Crown Princess Mary wears this season's trendiest style - with a wintry twist

A fashion maven if we ever saw one.

By Jess Pullar
Crown Princess Mary is known for her fashion prowess, so it should come as no surprise that she'd give one of the biggest summery trends Down Under the perfect winter treatment.
Yes, the Danish royal is a jack of all trades when it comes to the many facets of royal fashion - so much so that her latest ensemble was knocked right out of the park, and has us hustling to recreate the look ourselves.
Attending an event with UNESCO, the Crown Princess discussed the renewed focus from Danish schools on developing teaching based on the UN's World Goals, which will aim to give students the opportunity to work on and learn more about human rights, climate change and the environment.
The royal met with representatives to discuss the project further, as well as provide her own input, spurred along by her own five-year-long involvement with the UN World Goals.
Princess Mary spoke with representatives from UNESCO about how teaching in schools could continue to align with the UN's World Goals. (Getty)
Of course, the event itself shone a light on many important things, but there was another element we were justifiably taken by - Mary's outfit.
Wearing a smart turtle-neck skivvy and with her hair loosely straightened and loose, it was the pants that really did the talking in this heavenly ensemble.
Mary opted for a pair of wide-legged trousers - a style that's doing the rounds Down Under as a key summer trend, often made from breathable fabrics like linen and light cotton.
But the royal, who is going into the cooler months in the Northern Hemisphere, brought a wintry twist to her wide-legged creations - they looked to be made from a thick grey tweed material.
Mary's pants stole the show, quite frankly. (Getty)
It remains to be said that as we delve head first into summer here in Australia, the last thing on our minds is wearing thick tweed trousers, thanks very much.
But with that in mind, we're all for a pair of nice light, breathable wide-legged pants to slot nicely into our wardrobes.
We did some research and came up with some dreamy summer styles to inspire you for the coming months. You can thank us (and Princess Mary) later.
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