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Princess Diana used her handbag for this surprising purpose

Such a genius trick.

By Amber Elias
Princess Diana was known for her style, grace and poise, with every outfit she wore immediately selling out. Like Duchess Catherine, Diana had her own set of style rules which she stuck to for royal engagements and special occasions.
One of her fashion tricks was to always carry a small clutch bag, which she used as a secret weapon against paparazzi photos.
Diana would hold the bag over her cleavage when she was getting out of a car to protect herself from prying paparazzi photos which would no doubt be on the front page of the next day’s paper.
“We used to laugh when we designed what she called her 'cleavage bags', little satin clutches which she would cover her cleavage with when she stepped out of cars," handbag designer Anya Hindmarch told The Telegraph.
"[Diana] was a very loyal customer and a lot of fun […] she would come and see us with no bodyguards or any fuss,” Anya recalled fondly.
Diana became known for championing British fashion designers, which has also become a signature of Duchess Catherine’s style. Diana's close friendship with designer Catherine Walker has also influenced Catherine, as she's fond of wearing the brand.
Walker designed many bespoke, iconic gowns and outfits for Diana, and she's often credited with bringing Diana’s style to the forefront after her divorce from Charles.
"Diana was always very polite, very courteous and very appreciative. She was never late for an appointment, which for a busy person shows respect, and whenever she wore a dress that was admired she’d thank us,” commented designer Said Cyrus in an interview with Hello! magazine. Cyrus is the widower of Catherine Walker and co-founder the company.
Diana with close friend, Catherine Walker.
In 1996 Diana also famously auctioned off a selection of her most iconic dresses to benefit charity, which included a number of Catherine Walker’s designs.
"I think she will always be remembered for her humanitarian work. In the end, she used her dresses to save lives," reflected Cyrus.
Walker is also credited with designing the black dress Diana was buried in, describing her final design commission as "the saddest and most difficult commission of my life".
Catherine was incredibly loyal to the princess, rarely speaking about their friendship.
Diana’s legacy lives on not only in her humanitarian work, but also in her love of fashion which still influences lives today.