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Pregnancy fashion for the full-figured Mama

A maternity style guide for curvy and plus-size women.

By Alex O’Callaghan
Fashion blogger, Girl With Curves shows us how to rock curvy maternity fashion.
Firstly, congratulations on your pregnancy! This is a time to celebrate YOU and how amazing you are for choosing to undertake the greatest calling known to woman.
The clothing that you wear during this special time in your life should be an expression of how you feel about yourself and your journey into motherhood.
You shouldn’t feel the need to ‘cover up’ with oversized or frumpy clothing. You should wear clothing that shows off your beautiful bump, flatters your curves and makes you feel celebrated, confident, proud and beautiful!
I know what you’re thinking. Easier said than done when you’re struggling to find that happy medium between tent-like clothing and skin tight and totally unforgiving clothing. You’re struggle is finally over!
Below are my top tips on how to style your curves and your bump to ensure you are feeling bumpalicious and beautiful for yourentirepregnancy.
Tip #1: Gathers and Ruching
Image Sources: iCurvy World and Girl with Curves
Contrary to your belief, baggy or loose fitted clothing won’t look nearly as flattering on you as clothing that hugs your figure. Look for garments with gathers or ruching in the fabric. Gathers and ruching will help stop fabric clinging, will give you extra room for growth and will help to camouflage any problem areas that make you feel self conscious.
Tip #2: Fabric
Fabrics made of natural fibres are best for maternity clothing because they are light, soft, breathable and comfortable.
Spandex or lycra fabrics blended with cotton, bamboo or viscose are perfect for providing stretch and room for growth. Blended fabrics will usually be used for garments with gathers and ruching so they are perfect for dressing curves.
If you prefer to wear fabrics that are less figure hugging I suggest 100% viscose as it is light and flows beautifully over the bump.
Avoid man-made or synthetic fabrics like polyester, nylon and acrylic. Synthetic fibres do not breathe well and can make you feel sweaty and itchy.
Tip #3 Belt it!
Image Sources: Girl with Curves and iCurvy World
Belts and waist ties are extremely curve-friendly. Wear them just below your bust and above your belly to accentuate your curves and draw attention to your beautiful bump.
Tip #4: Over the bump
Image Sources: Girl with Curves and iCurvy World
High waisted skirts would have to be my favourite maternity item for curvy women. They are so flattering and look amazing draped over your beautiful bump. High waisted skirts in flowing, pleated or flared fabrics are best for highlighting your best assets while camouflaging any problem areas. High waisted body con skirts also look amazing and are a great way to show of your bump. Try to find a skirt with an elastic waistband for maximum comfort.
Tip #5: Layer it!

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