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Accio credit card! Peter Alexander just launched a Harry Potter-themed sleepwear line

So you can Slytherin-to bed in style!

By Rebecca Sullivan
In news that will thrill fervent Harry Potter fans, Aussie sleepwear label Peter Alexander has launched a new pyjama collection inspired by the hit J.K Rowling novels, so you can now Slytherin-to bed in style.
The Off To Hogwarts limited edition collection is now available to shop on the brand's website and in its stores.
The collection, which is priced between $35.95 and $199, features clothes for women, men, kids and even babies, and includes accessories such as a Harry Potter-themed overnight bag, fluffy Hogwarts slippers and Harry Potter-themed underwear briefs.
These images from the official campaign were actually photographed on-site at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Japan and were shot against some of the franchise's most iconic landmarks, including the Hogwarts Castle, the pub Hogsmeade, wand store Ollivanders, sweet store Honeydukes and the Hogwarts Express.
A model wears a Gryffindor T-shirt, matching shorts and Gryffindor gown. Supplied: Peter Alexander
The Slytherin Sleep Tee. Supplied: Peter Alexander
Matching his-and-hers Harry Potter PJs. Supplied: Peter Alexander
This t-shirt is embroidered with the popular patronus charm, "Expecto Patronum". Supplied: Peter Alexander
"This collection is all about the excitement of going to Hogwarts! As a massive Harry Potter fan, I wanted to showcase that magic and fun in the sleepwear designs," Peter Alexander said in a statement.
"It was so much fun shooting at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Being inside all the famous places we all know and love from the Harry Potter stories really helped bring this collection to life," he said.
Dobby the elf gets his own special print. Supplied: Peter Alexander
The book's iconic characters are re-imagined in cartoon form in these PJ pants. Supplied: Peter Alexander
And again in the girls' version. Supplied: Peter Alexander
The kids' version of the Gryffindor PJs. Supplied: Peter Alexander
The range features pyjamas based off the different iconic uniforms from the four Hogwarts' houses - Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin.
It also celebrates the books' most popular characters, including the much-loved house elf Dobby, who even gets his own on-trend print, in the form of matching satin pyjama top and shorts.
The men's Slytherin PJ set. Supplied: Peter Alexander
How cute are the kids' versions? Supplied: Peter Alexander
WATCH BELOW: The official Peter Alexander Off To Hogwarts collection campaign. Story continues after video.
You can shop the full range online at