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Glorious new report claims Meghan Markle is about to have a Carrie Bradshaw moment with Vogue

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By Jess Pullar
Just when you thought Meghan Markle couldn't get any more en vogue, this happens.
After embracing a number of important new roles over the last 12 months, including the small feat of becoming an official royal family member and a mum, the stylish Duchess is about to become our very own 21st century Carrie Bradshaw... albeit in a slightly more, er, woke sense.
According to a new report from the Daily Mail, Meghan is apparently in discussions with none other than leading fashion magazine Vogue to become a regular columnist for the monthly print publication.
The report revealed that Meghan has been working with editor-in-chief Anna Wintour to develop a monthly feature which would focus on her charity work.
The Daily Mail claims that the first of the monthly features would appear in the upcoming September issue, accompanying a photo shoot that the Duchess is set to be featured in.
We'll just be over here lining up for this royal whopper of an issue. (Getty)
While the upcoming spread in Vogue will apparently feature Duchess Meghan wearing a series of outfits created by emerging designers, she will not be appearing on the cover, as has been previously reported.
Famed fashion photographer Annie Leibovitz, whose work has long had a strong presence in Vogue is reportedly in talks to shoot the initial September spread.
What's more, this heavenly sounding feature is understood to run in both the UK and US editions of Vogue - a sign that the Duchess is continuing to recognise her roots as a Californian native alongside her new home in England.
Meghan could be having a full-blown Carrie Bradshaw moment on us by launching a monthly column in Vogue. (Getty)
Speaking to the Daily Mail, a source explained: "[Meghan] is working with Vogue as a contributing editor on a few fabulous stories about the causes that are near and dear to her and it may eventually become a regular column."
The source added that the collaboration had come about due to Meghan's strong relationship with none other than Amal Clooney.
The human rights lawyer, who is married to Hollywood screen legend George Cloony, is understood to have encouraged Meghan to utilise a collaboration with the magazine to shine a light on the charity work she and Harry are doing.
"It's all being planned out but it will be sensational and really shine a spotlight on some very worthwhile organisations."
WATCH: Meghan Markle speaks at the UN Women conference. Story continues after video...

What will Meghan write for Vogue?

Just last month, news spread quickly that Prince Harry and Prince William would officially part ways from their joint charity, The Royal Foundation.
While the foundation itself will remain under the care of William, Kensington Palace revealed Harry and Meghan would start their own charitable foundation.
In a later report from respected royal correspondent Omid Scobie, the plans for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were unpacked in more detail.
Scobie claimed the pair intended to move their current charity work they've recently been involved to sit under their new foundation, which includes Meghan's Hubb Community Kitchen project, (which included her cookbook Together) as well as Harry's involvement with the Endeavour Fund.
A source told Scobie that there were "multiple scenarios being discussed" and that the charity would create new jobs.
So with Harry and Meghan's exciting move into creating their own charitable space, it makes total sense for Meghan to share some of the work they'll no doubt be doing on a globally respected platform like Vogue
Meghan and Harry are reportedly in the initial stages of planning out their new charitable foundation. (Getty)

Have other royals appeared in Vogue?

It's important to note this wouldn't be the first time the royal family have collaborated with the fashion magazine.
In 2016, Meghan's sister-in-law Kate Middleton appeared on the cover of the UK edition, while the late Princess Diana also gloriously graced the cover no less than three times.
With this in mind, and with Meghan's existing position as a globally influential fashion icon (her outfits, much like Kate's are known to sell out within minutes of her wearing them), it would make total sense to see another royal grace the pages of the magazine.
And you can guarantee we'll be waiting at the news stands as soon as the potential issue drops. Watch this space...

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