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Meghan Markle models Garden Party look after Duchess Kate's, as she transforms into a royal

Goodbye messy bun, hello pantyhose! Is this the beginning of Meghan's royal makeover?

By Bettina Tyrrell
The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, made her debut public outing as a married woman on Tuesday at Buckingham Palace's annual Garden Party which also served as an early celebration for Prince Charles' 70th birthday.
The 36-year-old made an obvious effort to dress to impress, wearing a more traditional ensemble than we're used to seeing her in. This departure from her signature style suggests Meghan's royal fashion overhaul has begun (goodbye messy bun!) as she looks to her sister-in-law, Duchess Catherine, for fashion inspiration.
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Meghan steps out to her first Garden Party in a similar outfit Kate wore to her first Garden Party.
Meghan, 36, looked every bit the royal for the event she attend with Prince Harry, in a pale pink-and-taupe silk-crepe design by Goat, which featured sheer long sleeves and an empire waist. She accessorised the look with a pale pink clutch and shoes, as well as a matching hat.
In a departure from her premarital style, the former actress chose to comb her hair back into an impossibly glossy side chignon -- a huge change from the messy bun we've come to expect from the actress.
When Kate attended her first Garden Party in 2012, a year after celebrating her marriage to Prince William, she also wore a long-sleeve, knee-length pink look and matching tilted hat.
We're having déjà vu!
Duchess Kate, Camilla and Prince Charles at newlywed Kate's first Garden Party in 2012.
While it's no surprise Meghan would take style notes from her sister-in-law, Kate's sartorial choices are applauded every time she steps out, however, what did pique the attention of royal watchers was Meghan's decision to step out in pantyhose for the first time.
Goodbye messy bun, hello pantyhose! Is this the beginning of Meghan's royal makeover?
Meghan stepped out in pantyhose, thought to be a mandate of royal dressing, for the first time.
Nude stockings — or pantyhose — have long been a staple of Duchess Catherine's wardrobe, despite the fashion world's claims that they are out-dated. Yet pantyhose are rumored to be less of a fashion faux pas than a royal mandate, which Kate has accepted and managed to modernised. Meghan, however has always bared her legs.
Meghan bared her legs for her official engagement photo call with Prince Harry.
Meghan's messy bun has become a signature of her style.
Meghan has always determined her own fashion choices, opting for messy buns over chic up-dos, powersuits over a-line skirts, bare legs over pantyhose, however now that she is officially a royal, and a Duchess no less, could this outing mark her transformation to a more traditional aesthetic? We'll just have to wait for her next outing to see!
Despite taking a departure from her usual style, Meghan looked demure and absolutely gorgeous.