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Kim Kardashian's new shapewear line has sparked global controversy - and not for the reason you'd expect

Has she gone too far this time?

By Jess Pullar
Kim Kardashian with a splash of controversy isn't exactly a new combination, but her latest move has still managed to knock us for six.
The striking 38-year-old has just launched a brand new shapewear line, featuring a slew of designs to hold, smooth and contour women's bodies.
And while the garments in themselves might be scrutinised in how they hide all the natural curves and bumps that bodies tend to feature, there's something else about the line that's really got tongues wagging.
As it was officially launched, Kim revealed the name of her new shapewear line to be Kimono, which also happens to be a traditional Japanese robe-like garment.
Kim was no doubt trying to be cleverly punny by picking the word to define her brand, but the name has not gone down well with the masses, who have slammed the reality TV star for "cultural appropriation".
Kim Kardashian has been slammed over the title of her new shapewear line. (Image: Instagram @kimkardashian)
Twitter was quick to react to the announcement, calling Kim's decision to use the Japanese word "vile" and "arrogant".
One person lashed out by writing: "Once again Kim Kardashian has shown that she's an ignorant and disrespectful human being."
Another wrote: "So, she's trying to trademark the word 'kimono' and appropriate an item specific to Japanese culture? Smh."
The backlash has even led to a trending new hashtag across social media - #KimOhNo.
Even famed Instagram page Diet Prada, which has made a name for itself by calling out rouge and dodgy dealings in the fashion industry, has weighed in.
"The Kardacity... no Kim, just no," the account wrote alongside a screen grab of the shapewear brand's trademark information.
The post continued: "Of course, traditional Japanese kimono are generally reserved for ceremonial/celebratory use and are often passed down from generation to generation, underscoring Kim's "culture vulture" reputation even further."

While Kim is yet to address the controversy formally, she has used a slightly altered hashtag to promote her brand - #KimonoBody.
And this isn't the first time Kim has been at the centre of controversy surrounding cultural appropriation.
Back in 2018, Kim said her statement braids where credited to Bo Derek from his 1979 film 10. The style was in fact known as 'Fulani braids' originating in West Africa and the Fula ethnic group.
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