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Kate Middleton's latest outfit channelled one of Diana's most iconic looks without us even noticing

The Alexander McQueen gown was strikingly reminiscent.

By Jess Pullar
Drawing similarities between Kate Middleton and Princess Diana is nothing new, but a rather subtle twinning moment between the two this week seems particularly special.
When the Duchess of Cambridge stepped out to attend the Queen's Diplomatic Reception on Wednesday evening, it would be safe to say she drew every eyeball in the house.
Wearing a heavenly Alexander McQueen velvet dress complete with a tiara, the royal's regal ensemble was nothing short of divine.
And while the look itself was glorious enough on its own, there was something about it that echoed a rather iconic get-up from the 1980s - and it was worn by none other than Princess Diana.
Kate was radiant in a regal Alexander McQueen gown at the Queen's Diplomatic Reception in December. (Getty)
If we cast our minds back a little bit, you might remember a certain dress worn by the late People's Princess back in 1985.
It was dark, velvet, and just so happened to be worn whilst she danced with Hollywood screen legend John Travolta.
Yep, we are indeed talking about the Travolta dress - worn by Diana at the While House gala dinner and now an icon in itself.
The Victor Edelstein dress features a gorgeous wide V-neck silhouette, and is fitted down to a flowing hemline, which famously splayed out as the Princess danced with Travolta.
Princess Diana famously wore this stunning black dress while she danced with John Travolta in 1985. (Getty)
Interestingly, the dress has been front and centre of global attention this month after it was revealed it would go to auction.
The coveted garment interestingly failed to sell, but was later purchased by Historic Royal Palaces for around AUD $425,700. Thus meaning the dress would go back to its fitting home at the palace.
Mere days after the auction, Diana's daughter-in-law Kate then stepped out in her McQueen gown that also featured beautiful velvet fabric and a V-neck line.
Kate's heavenly McQueen gown featured a similar neckline to Diana's. (Getty)
While the two gowns definitely have some differences, such as the long sleeves on Kate's, you can't deny the similarities between the two looks.
Kate further paid a sweet tribute to her late mother-in-law by choosing to wear the Cambridge Lovers Knot tiara - one previously owned by Diana.
Whether on purpose or not, it's lovely to see Prince William's mother, and his wife share similarities in style - especially because both women are fashion icons to the masses.
WATCH: Duchess Catherine's best tiara moments. Story continues after video...
Given the Travolta dress's spike in popularity of late, it certainly makes sense for the sweetheart neckline style to make a bit of a comeback in the fashion landscape.
Duchess Catherine is also known for her ability to literally sell out lines of clothing within minutes of wearing them as her influence in fashion continues to charm the masses.
So if you were wanting to channel the Queens of chic (AKA Diana and Kate) yourself, we put in some research to find similar styles that won't break the bank.
See our favourite match ups below - no royal-worthy budget needed here...
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