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Just FYI, you can buy Kate's heavenly tiara for under $100 and this is not a drill

Bling on a budget.

For the most part, royals tend to err towards the finer things in life when it comes to their wardrobe choices.
There's a reason multiple film and novel plot lines have revolved around elaborate schemes to steal the elusive crown jewels.
And while the sheer cost of said jewels and royal memorabilia are enough to have us star-struck, you can't deny that wearing a glittering tower of centries-old tradition atop your head is pretty special.
That's why whenever Kate Middleton steps out wearing her favourite Cambridge Lovers Knot tiara, which was famously worn by Princess Diana before her, we all lose the plot.
But with this in mind, what if we told you that you could get your own replica of the dazzling tiara to sit atop your own GHD-ironed tresses?
Yep, in a discovery that has us hitting 'add to cart' before you can say 'Kate-the-great', a version of the Duchesses tiara has been replicated, and you can nab one for under $100.
A certain Etsy creator named LeannesPretties has replicated the famed Lovers Knot tiara, and going by the pictures and reviews, it seems it's almost as good as the real deal.
Wait, so we can buy a version of this glittering piece of perfection? Sign us up! (Getty)
The handmade item is a near copy of the historical royal tiara, with silver diamond and drop-pearl detailing that would definitely make its wearer feel like a princess.
What's more, it only costs AUD $60, so whether you're envisioning it as a bridal addition, or even just for a night at the club (because let's be real - we're all queens!), you're pretty well covered in achieving that regal look without breaking the bank.
A Etsy creator has made a replica of the stunning tiara, and we reckon it's a pretty good dupe! (Etsy)
That being said, we definitely recommend doing your research before purchasing - while the pictures certainly make the duplicate tiara look legit, it might be a little different in real life.
We have high hopes for this one, though - described as being made from alloy and rhinestone, the description reads that it would be a "perfect standout item for the bride or debutante to wear on her special day."
The designer also added: "This tiara is a replica of 'The Cambridge Lover's Knot Tiara' worn by Princess Dianna and Princess Kate the Duchess of Cambridge."
Princess Diana also wore the stunning original design. (Getty)
When considering the value of the Cambridge Lover's Knot tiara, it's clear that buying a replica is the way to go.
With a past seeped in royal history, the piece was originally created for Queen Mary in 1914 by the House of Garrand.
It features pearls and diamonds that were already owned within her family - so one of its shiny gems alone are bound to hold a rather hefty price tag.
Queen Mary had the crown created in 1914. (Getty)
When Queen Mary passed away, the crown was passed down to Queen Elizabeth II. which she wore several times before loaning it to Princess Diana as a wedding gift.
Following Charles and Diana's divorce, the crown was returned to Queen Elizabeth, later resurfacing when Kate stepped out wearing it in 2015 - delighting the masses in the process.
Since then, Kate has donned the style a number of times - and suffice to say we don't think we'll be getting sick of it any time soon!
Here's to plenty more appearances of the Cambridge Lover's Knot! (Getty)

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