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Kate Middleton just quietly had a milestone fashion moment... and we nearly missed it

She pulled it off like a pro.

By Jess Pullar
If there's one thing this world can safely agree upon, it would be the fact that Kate Middleton is a fashion icon - and nothing is going to change that anytime soon.
But despite stepping out in stunning look after stunning look for years now, the ever-stylish Duchess is still managing to surprise us.
Her latest outfit? Well, let's just say it's case in point.
In fact, the ensemble she stepped out wearing for the King's Cup Regatta on August 8 was nothing less than revolutionary for the Duchess... and not for the reason you'd expect.
The sailing event hosted by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in Cowes, England was a spectacle for a number of reasons.
Firstly, the royal parents decided to bring along their young children Prince George and Princess Charlotte to the festivities, which was a sight to behold in itself.
Indeed the adorable youngsters delighted royal fans - especially when Charlotte cheekily decided to poke her tongue out while photographers snapped her picture.
Kate's wardrobe choices (note the plural form here) was also another reason to celebrate. Initially stepping out in a gorgeous stripey Sandro short-sleeved top, the Duchess looked radiant and summery for the charity event.
But it was her second, slightly more understated look that really caught our attention.
We're obsessed with Kate's first look on race day - her stripey top and wide-legged pants were all kinds of casual chic. (Getty)
As William and Kate prepared to battle it out for their chosen charities at the special royal event, they put their best foot forwards by stepping out in sail-appropriate gear.
The trendy pair were both seen wearing water-resistant jackets, plain collared t-shirts and, drum roll please... shorts.
Yep, Duchess Catherine, queen of chic and princess-worthy ball gown extraordinaire was seen wearing sporty cut-offs.
And thus, the internet lost the plot.
Say what now?! Kate Middleton has worn shorts and the internet is shook. (Getty)
Indeed the bold, knee-baring fashion move from Kate marked the very first time the world has seen her wear shorts since she became a royal.
And while the feat is one that you wouldn't usually bat an eyelid at, the fact that this fashionable mum-of-three rocked a pair of shorts like it was no big deal (not to mention showing off her pristine pins in the process) was something to be remarked upon by royal fans the world over.
Taking to Twitter, one fan wrote: "No one freak out, but Kate Middleton wore shorts??? Yassss queeeeeennnnnn".
Another said: "All I'm going to say is.. Kate needs to wear shorts more often! She is rocking them!"
The glorious moment comes as the Duchess sees out a summer of fashionable slam dunks.
In July, Kate attended the second day of Wimbledon wearing a stunning white shirt dress by Suzannah.
Fans worshipped the heavenly style on the Duchess, who was the image of effortless chic on the sunny day.
Seriously, how dreamy was Kate's dress she opted for at Wimbledon this year? (Getty)
Later that month, the Duchess wowed us yet again when she was seen wearing a stunning pink Stella McCartney dress in the official portraits from the christening of Harry and Meghan's newborn son Archie.
The pussy-bow dress made headlines at the time for its hemline, which once again, revealed Kate's regal knees - gasp!
Sparking many a discussion, Kate's decision to wear the dress appeared quite radical given royals very rarely wear garments that sit a good few inches above the knee.
Kate's pink Stella McCartney dress was subtly radical - and she pulled it off seamlessly. (Matt Allerton / SussexRoyal)
Which brings us back to Kate's latest fashion milestone, aka shorts-gate.
Whether it's for fashion, practicality or just straight up proving a point, we're absolutely here for Kate's knee-full display.
And beyond anything else, we can't exactly blame the Duchess for choosing to show off her pins - she's certainly got the silhouette to rock 'em bare.
Long live Kate's wardrobe short-comings...
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