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Winter's biggest trend isn't a piece of clothing - but Duchess Catherine can't stop wearing it

Stand out in those Zoom calls.

By Jess Pullar
For years now, Duchess Catherine has single-handedly dictated the biggest trends of each and every season.
From pea coats, floral dresses and those Superga sneakers, the world has witnessed, watched, then promptly copied the many ensembles of the formidable royal.
Of course, with the UK currently in a state of lockdown amid the COVID-19 pandemic, we're seeing less of the Duchess' iconic wardrobe.
Yes, we're always excited to see what we can of her ensembles via multiple video calls she's so quickly taken to making in the current climate.
But it's not quite the same as seeing her make a fully fledged public outing in whatever heavenly look she's put together.
That said, her lack of public walkabouts doesn't necessarily mean her fashion influence is any less relevant to us normal folk.
In fact, with many of us in very similar situations to our royal fashion hero Catherine, we can actually take some pretty handy cues from her video call attire.
And it looks like she's already given us a new key trend for winter 2020 - but hold tight, it's not what you'd expect.
There's something about Kate you might have noticed of late... (Kensington Royal)
If you've tuned into Kate's many video calls of late, you'll notice there's an overriding trend she can't seen to keep away from.
And no, it's not those heavenly at-home jumpers, nor her floral summery dresses we covet year after year.
This time, it's an accessory rather than clothing that we're rushing to duplicate - statement earrings.
One word: Obsessed. (Kensington Royal)
Oh yes, we're pretty sure you'll have noticed Catherine rocking some serious ear bling recently - and can you blame her? They're the perfect way to make your outfit pop in this new, er, pixelated world of meetings.
Her most recent foray into the video call abyss was the perfect example.
Chatting to a care home in Cardiff, the Duchess wore a beautiful bright printed dress and some delicate golden feather drop earrings.
Interestingly, they appeared to be the very same Catherine Zoraida one's she's opted to wear several times before.
If that's not a style statement we don't know what is. (Kensington Royal)
Earlier in the month, Kate wore the very same earrings during a video call to celebrate one year of Give Us A Shout, the mental health support text service launched by the royals last year.
In the clip, the Duchess is seen in her country home wearing a chic scallop neck white top and, surprise surprise... the very same glorious golden earrings.
Here she is! (Kensington Royal)
It seems the nature-inspired earrings are a personal favourite for the Duchess, but we can't look past some of the other pieces of ear candy she's rocked in her video calls.
In another clip, Kate opted for some trusty gold hoops, believed to be by Daniella Draper, along with a chic blue Tabitha Webb jumper as she spoke to some new parents while shining a light on UK Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week.
In another video call to nurses across the world in celebration of International Nurses Day, she pairs a beautiful blue Boden dress with some dangly Patrick Mavros smokey pearl-like quartz earrings.
Kate and earrings go together like peas and carrots, apparently... (Kensington Royal)
So if the Duchess' foray into the niche of earring fashion isn't enough to inspire you for a sneaky online shop, perhaps the below styles will.
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