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Fashion-forward Julie Bishop gives fans a realistic insight into what her working-from-home wardrobe actually looks like

Party up the top, pyjamas down the bottom - this is a style of dressing we can fully embrace!

By Jess Pullar
Former Australian foreign minister and continual fashion icon Julie Bishop has given us a realistic, albeit humours glimpse into her working from home wardrobe while she stays indoors amid the coronavirus pandemic.
The 63-year-old is known for her striking outfits and chic embellishments in any ordinary time, so of course she wasn't going to let the temporary new restrictions amid the health crisis stand in her way.
In fact, she's given us a rather relatable insight into how her outfit choices work in a time where video conference calls are the new norm.
Taking to Instagram over the long weekend, the former politician wrote, "Working from home Covid-style - audio v video 😎 #isolife."
And in a split screen image, Julie is seen on one side in a very casual loungewear look, consisting pink running shorts and a turquoise tee.
As she lazes on the couch, she appears to be taking a simple audio call.
The second image is a different story.
Bedazzled in a striking pale pink and silver Meraki gown featuring a high neck line and long sleeves, Julie has clearly gone all out for a video call.
While many of us might take the "party up top, pyjamas down the bottom" approach, Bishop has gone one up, pairing the chic dress with some Louis Vuitton sneakers, which are usually worth over AUD$1,000.
Now that's what we call working from home chic!
Julie Bishop gave fans an insight into her lockdown loungewear wardrobe. (Instagram / @honjuliebishop)
Julie recently spoke to Sunrise about the stark change in working from home attire - which is something many others might relate to.
"In the early days of isolation people were doing it by audio, so I'm in my pyjamas and running gear," she told the show.
"And then suddenly we introduced the world of Zoom and Microsoft Teams and Webex suddenly you've got to frock up... So from the waist up I'm looking fabulous and down below just whatever."
Solid advice we'll be taking on board, thanks to Julie.
The former foreign minister is known for her fashion-forward ensembles, especially moments like this from parliament. (Getty)
Bishop announced she would be quitting politics at the beginning of 2019 after decades of working within the government.
"It has been an immense honour to be the longest serving Member for Curtin and also to be the deputy leader of the Liberal Party, the first female to hold the role [and] for 11 years, over half my entire political career," she said at the time.
Now working on the board for Palladium, it seems her passion for empowering females is still strong where Julie is concerned.
Back in February, she was also announced as the next Chancellor of Australian National University.
She confirmed she was the first female in its 74-year history to hold the position, and described the feat as an "immense honour".
"Thank you to all present today for welcoming me at the State of the University address," she shared on Instagram alongside a picture of her at the university.
This time pictured in a stylish blue power suit, there's just no denying it - Julie is our queen of Aussie workwear, at home and on-site.

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