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How often should you wash your bra?

Because, admit it – you probably don’t do it often enough.

By Natalie Babic
We’re all guilty of it: you get home and the first thing you do is peel off your bra before chucking it on the ground (or, ‘The Chair’ where all loose items of clothing live).
And then the day after, you pick up the same bra and wear it again.
The cycle goes on for days –sometimes weeks – before you finally muster the strength to chuck it in the wash.
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So how often should you really be washing your delicates?
“The need to wash your bra varies and depends on your personal hygiene and how often you wear each bra,” Carol Rashleigh from Bendon told The Weekly Online.
“In general, I think it’s ok to wear it a few times before you wash it.”
While we’re sorry to add another chore to your life, caring for your (often expensive) bras will make them last longer, saving you cash in the long run.
So what’s the best way to go about washing them?
“Cold water,” says Carol. “Washing your bra in cold water will help preserve elasticity. Follow the care instructions and for machine washable bras, use a delicates bag and fasten the hooks.”
“Also, don’t use strong bleaches or detergents and try to hand wash your more delicate pieces.”
Storing your bras is just as important as washing them.
If you’re guilty of just throwing them into your undies drawer, it’s time to break the habit.
“When storing contour or padded bras, don’t fold the cups into each other as this will ruin the fabric and eventually break down the pad.”
“It’s best to lay them flat in a drawer or hook over a hanger.”
Like most material goods in our lives, the more love your give it, the longer it’ll last… so start taking care of your bras!
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