How celebrities dress in summer versus winter

Science weighs in on why we all seem to rock black in the chilly months, before whipping out our ‘ground-breaking’ florals for spring.

By Katie Skelly
Ever wondered why we all seem to don black in the chilly months, before whipping out our bright and vibrant florals for spring?
Well, a new study from Sunglass Hut (Lonergan Research) has found a link between Aussie women's behaviours and attitudes in summer and winter and how this impacts their clothing choices.
They found that more than half of us feel the desire to be more experimental with new styles come the summer sun, with over three quarters of all 1,000 participants citing statement sunglasses as the gateway to getting more creative.
"The warmer months can be a time where we start to feel a lift in our mood and when we choose fashion pieces that make us feel and look good, our mood also improves," says clinical psychologist Dr Samantha Clarke.
“During summer, we also expose more skin to sunlight-producing vitamin D, which promotes the brain's production of serotonin and lifts your mood."
“We also know that this is cyclic; when we start to feel happier, we tend to be more expressive in how we dress and style ourselves, leading to brighter, bolder colours and styles in summer!”
Sound familiar? Click through the gallery below to see first-hand how the warmer weather can impact our fave celebs' sense of style!

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