Helen Mirren's most memorable fashion moments prove she's only getting better with age

Now 76, the dame is looking more fashionable than ever.

By Maddison Leach
Dame Helen Mirren is known for many things, from her acting awards and accolades, to her more recent environmental activism.
But after decades in the entertainment industry, there's one thing that continues to stand out about the stunning 76-year-old: her style.
From red carpet gowns, to off-duty ensembles and racy little numbers, Helen has been serving up delicious doses of style since she was in her 20s.
Dame Helen Mirren is an undeniable style icon in her 70s. (Image: Getty)
We've seen her go from the picture of old Hollywood glamour to a high fashion model in a matter of decades, and there are so many memorable moments in her long fashion journey.
There were Madonna-esque outfits in the '80s, sequins and embellishments in the '90s and so many more unique designs she's donned in the years since.

Some of our favourite looks have been her most daring, but even the dame's more subdued style moments manage to make headlines.
In honour of her timeless style that only seems to have improved with her age, we're reliving Helen Mirren's most memorable fashion moments.
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