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Halle Berry launches her own lingerie line

Halle Berry is such a fan of French lingerie that she’s investing in it and taking it back home to share in the United States.
Halle, 48, is married to Frenchman Olivier Martinez, so perhaps it was he who piqued her interest in French knickers!
Either way, the actress is spending big bucks on them – and not just to stuff her own underwear drawers.
Appearing on ABC News in the US, Halle divulged how she’s buying into the business ‘Scandale Paris,’ explaining: "I came across this really luxurious lingerie line called Scandale Paris. Only sort of marketed towards the upscale, so not every woman could afford this brand."
Deciding that she didn’t want to leave her favourite label to only be enjoyed by wealthy Europeans, Halle affirmed: “So I thought how could I revive this and bring it to America at a price point that every woman could enjoy?"
Halle of course, knows a thing or two about sporting skimpy knickers. She famously played Catwoman in little more than a leather bra and she’s also been a knife-wielding gun-toting Bond girl in a bikini.
Halle's no stranger to skimpy outfits as she's worn them on-screen in Catwoman and in Bond movie Die Another Day.
Then there was an infamous scene from Swordfish that saw her brandishing a gun while wearing little more than a skimpy lingerie set.
With a smashing bod, it’s little wonder that Halle loves to show it off in fine French lingerie. She says though that she’s sure she’s not alone.
“I think I have a pulse on what American women want,” Halle declared.
Left: Halle poses with her new lingerie line. Right: Looking amazing in lingerie in Swordfish
“Most women know that what you put under your clothes is the first step in making yourself feel good about yourself.”
She added: "The secret is that women don't wear lingerie for men. We wear it for ourselves."
Halle’s new line with Scandale Paris will be widely available in the States from the US Target stores – with a few tweaks to the original designs though to make it more affordable.
“We’ve taken this brand and revamped it,” Halle said. “But we’ve kept all the qualities of the Parisian style intact.

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