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You can now recreate Kate & Meghan's entire outfits within minutes with a nifty new app that's changed the online shopping game

A royal wardrobe in minutes.

By Jess Pullar
In a world where online shopping is more popular than ever, especially as our exposure to bricks and mortar stores has been somewhat limited of late, anything to make the experience easier is always going to prick up the old ears.
Furthermore, a new update in the internet-shopping-sphere has well and truly got us sniffing hopefully at the shopping-fuelled air - and yes, it's even better than the simple feat of being able to shop for clothes without leaving your couch.
Let's paint a picture here - have you ever been scrolling mindlessly through Instagram (obvs...) and come across a celeb, influencer, or even a friend wearing something you would love to see hanging in your own wardrobe?
It's easily happened to us fashion-mad folk in these parts, and just as easily frustrated the living daylights out of us when we furiously tap the photo and scour the comments section for any detail as to where said clothing item came from.
Excitingly, that feeling of sweet desperation doesn't have to be a thing anymore as a nifty new app has taken care of the ground work for us.
Trendii allows users to upload a photo of any outfit they like, and it'll instantly find match ups. (Image: Trendii)
Yep, Trendii is the trendiest new online shopping tool - and we (AKA our wardrobes) couldn't be more grateful for it.
Filled with more than a million products in online stores across the world available at the click of a button, the app gives the user the opportunity to shop similar-styled outfits from any image they choose to upload from online, in print or even in real life.
Oh yes, you can even take a snap of your colleague's dreamy suede boots and find your own similar version within minutes.
Does it sound like a bit of a dream come true to you? You're certainly not alone if so - even model and influencer Erin Holland is on the Trendii bandwagon, having used the app herself a fair few times.
"I love how the platform is so easy to use, simply snap a picture and the app allows you to shop similar styles on the spot. I find myself using Trendii daily to find inspiration and be part of a new, savvy collective," she said.
She's not wrong - even Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle's dreamy ensembles can be reassembled within minutes in an affordable, easy-to-buy format if you, like us, are also a big fan of their royal-worthy outfits.

Why yes, that does mean you can copy Kate and Meghan's style with the click of a button... (Getty)
With high-end and High Street brands to boot, there's something on there for essentially anyone for any style.
You've got your luxury Dolce & Gabanna's (bye bye paycheck, but hello chic new wardrobe), to your Aussie staples like Zara and Tigerlily.
If you needed another incentive to try the app, it also includes a rewards program that earns you money for any products you shop while using Trendii.
Their loyalty program is nothing to sneeze at either - it includes exclusive offers and gifts for loyal customers.
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The method is very simple - upload your image with the in-app camera or from your roll, and watch and shop as the app brings up a plethora of similar styles using its crafty AI technology.
Basically, your stalking sessions of Kendall Jenner's latest look, or Carrie Bradshaw's oh-so-drool worthy heels are all worth it when you can literally match up your wardrobe to theirs.
They don't call them influencers for nothing...