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Never reschedule a beach day again! Period swimwear is the revolutionary product you need to invest in

Swim sustainably.

By Faye Couros
Every woman can relate to having anxiety before a beach day or pool party when their period is due but hasn't shown up yet.
If your time of the month arrives on the morning of, you're in a pickle. And there are two options at your disposal.
You can cancel your plans and work through the missing out blues or insert a tampon and hope it doesn't budge. But now, there's a third option.
We've seen period underwear finally became mainstream in recent years, and now period swimwear has joined the party.
Modibodi has spearheaded the product in Australia, and their leak-proof bathers are suitable for all-day protection - perfect for the beginning and end of your cycle and when you're spotting or experiencing leaks.
The company's website explains their bathers are designed to lock leaks in even when you're swimming, and they dry fast so you can feel comfortable when laying on the sand or buying fish and chips.
Modibodi also recommend wearing a pair when your period is due for some peace of mind so no panicked rushes to the nearest supermarket are needed.
All these benefits are such a game-changer, but the sprinkle on top is they're cute enough to make you secretly want your period so you can wear them.
We have found the best designs for those who love a pop of colour, sleek neutral, or funky patterns and peace of mind at the beach.
Swimwear Recycled Hi-Waist Bikini Brief, $45.00, Modibodi. (Image: Modibodi)
Swimwear Recycled Bikini Brief, $40.00, Modibodi. (Image: Modibodi)
Reversible Top and Brazilian Brief Set, on sale for $96.75, Modibodi. (Image: Modibodi)
Period Swimwear Bundle, on sale at $159.99, Ruby. (Image: Ruby)
Period Swimwear Racerback Bae Watch, $89.99, Ruby. (Image: Ruby)
Double Tie Period Swim Bottom, $49.99, Ruby. (Image: Ruby)
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