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Vogue's Anna Wintour just analysed Meghan Markle and she did NOT hold back

Florals or no florals, Meghan is officially groundbreaking.

By Jess Pullar
There's no denying Duchess Meghan is a style icon, but as for Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour? Well, it would be safe to say she's a Style Queen.
The fashion legend is recognisable the world over for her signature bob, dark sunglasses and cut-throat opinions when it comes to all things wardrobe-related.
And now, two style-drenched worlds have collided as Anna Wintour weighs in on the pregnant royal - and it's a lot to take in.
Style Queen Anna Wintour just shared her thoughts on the pregnant royal, and she didn't hold back. (Images: Getty)
In a new series debuting on this week, Wintour is seen answering readers questions - one of which pertains to the aforementioned royal.
"I think she's amazing," Wintour said of Meghan.
And with both female powerhouses being well-known hardworking women, it seems Anna also finds Meghan rather relatable when it comes to work ethic.
Referencing reports that some members of the royal household were confused and upset that Meghan starts her day at 5am every morning, Anna said the royal was "a normal California girl, gets up early, does yoga and meditates."
"And also [they're upset that she] sent a lot of text messages. I mean what do they expect? That she was gonna send messages via pigeon?"
We're getting some major Miranda Priestly vibes here!
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Wintour also weighed in on Meghan's wedding dress, saying she thought it was "brilliant".
"It was sophisticated, it was chic, it was grown-up."
"The fact that she chose to walk down the aisle by herself, I also thought spoke for an independent woman."
She also spoke of Doria Ragland, who attended Meghan and Harry's wedding solo.
'I think the picture of [Doria] at the chapel at the wedding was so inspiring to so many women, men all over the world.'
Anna also went on to discuss Meghan's sister-in-law Kate Middleton, who she also spoke highly of.
"I think the two duchesses, the young duchess that they have in Britain, the Duchess of Cambridge and the Duchess of Sussex are going to keep the royal family afloat, quite frankly," she candidly said.
Anna Wintour was pictured in Melbourne attending the Australian Open in January. (Image: Getty)
British born Anna is no stranger to the royals, having attended various engagements alongside our blue-blooded fellows over the years.
In February 2018, Wintour attended a fashion show for emerging designer Richard Quinn at London Fashion Week alongside none other than Queen Elizabeth herself.
Always a glamour, Anna made a minor faux-pas when she failed to remove her sunglasses when Elizabeth entered the room - something those well-versed in royal protocol know to be a big no no.
Etiquette expert and Prince Charles' former royal butler Grant Harrold shared his rather strict views on the matter.
"Ms Wintour should know that to wear sunglasses when talking to another person, with no medical reason, is unacceptable," he told the Press Association.
"She should have removed them before being in the presence of the Queen, let alone in discussion."
There's no denying the Queen and Anna are two of Britain's most powerful women. (Image: Getty)
Wintour also sent fans into frenzy earlier this week when she made an appearance at the Australian Open.
The Vogue powerhouse was barely recognisable without her signature sunglasses - but that didn't stop fans from taking photo's a-plenty of her.