This Is Us recap episode three

No big twist, plenty of big emotions.

The perks of my job? Getting to watch shows like This Is Us for “work”. The downside? Sobbing in the corner of the office after another sucker-punch-to-the-emotions of an episode.

A few bars into the pretty little acoustic ditty that plays as Randall’s father William is reminiscing about meeting his mother and I’m already reaching for the tissues – ahem, please don’t judge me.

In a brief montage we see the sweet rise and sorrowful fall of William’s relationship with Randall’s mother, before it’s just William alone on a bus with a baby looking longingly at the fire station where he will eventually decide to abandon his son.

Next, we’re back at the hospital with Jack, Rebecca and their three babies (Kate, Kevin and Kyle – who they later decide to rename Randall). They’re about to head home and become one happy family, or so they hope. But in case you haven’t picked up on this already,This Is Usis so not about the happy-ever-after. Jack is determined to be positive, but Rebecca is hurting from the loss of their third biological son, as well as struggling to connect with their adopted son. The moral of the story? Having triplets looks like really, really, really, really hard work.

And back in modern times Toby is doing ANYTHING and EVERYTHING he can to get Kate in bed. Toby and Kate’s storyline is fast becoming a favourite of mine. In an effort to make Kate feel like a star (she’s clearly been living in her twin Kevin’s shadow her whole life), Toby rolls out the red carpet and organises an impromptu gig for Kate at a retirement village. I mean, it’s not your traditional romantic date – but hey, whatever floats your boat, and boy is Kate’s boat floating. It’s straight to the supplies cupboard at the retirement village for a full-on make-out sesh. It looks like the hard work has FINALLY paid off for Toby… until Kevin calls and Kate runs to his aid. Needless to say, Toby is not impressed.

Oh Kevin, what to do with you? Just when you think he’s a spoilt brat and the least likeable character on the show, he mans up, fires his sister from being his personal assistant (okay it sounds bad, but comes from it good place) andfinallymakes a decision for himself for a change. It’s off to New York for Kevin, we hope he finds a new career – and himself – there.

Meanwhile, Randall is struggling with the implications of inviting his biological father into his home and life. When his adopted mother Rebecca swings by, he doesn’t have any time to come up with a plan of how to break the news to her. As it turns out, Rebecca and William are far from strangers. In another flashback, we see Rebecca track down William in a desperate attempt to learn more of the back story of how her adopted son came into the world. While William is keen to “check-in” on his son throughout his life, Rebecca draws a line. There can be no contact between them. In order to connect with her son, she needs to know that he’ll never be taken away from her again. It’s tough, but fair. And of course, heartbreaking. Cue more sobbing.

Rebecca later confesses to Jack that she can’t stop thinking about the child they lost. Jack admits he’s struggling too. Watching them find their way back to each other makes you think that maybe, just maybe, it’s all going to work out okay in the end. But then there’s old mate pesky Miguel… Why do I get the feeling he’s going to ruin everything?

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