EXCLUSIVE: Matty J’s baby pics revealed!

You thought he was damn cute now, but you won’t believe how adorbs mini-Matty was!

With his chiselled abs, sexy smile and those piercing baby blues, there’s no denying our Bachelor Matty J has won the genetic lottery.

And while it’d be safe to assume that given how bloody handsome he is now, that Matty was quite the cutie as a kid.

Well, it turns out the Bondi babe reckons he was an ugly duckling!

But never fear, because NW went diving into his family photo album to see for ourselves. And just as we suspected, he was most definitely fibbing judging by these throwback snaps.

3-year-old Matty

No wonder Matty took up modelling with poses like this!

6-year-old Matty

Arrrr! It’s was a pirates life for mini-Matty.

6-month-old Matty

Our ovaries! If baby Matty was this adorable, imagine how cute his future kiddies will be.

So if Matty was this adorable, then we can only imagine how gorgeous his future bubs will be.

In fact, he tells NW that he’s planning on having “two kids” with his future wife.

“That would be the dream,” he tells us. “We’d spend summers by the beach, go exploring, surfing and go on camping trips. That’s the kind of life I want to live.”

Sounds perfect to us!

To find out more about Bachelor Matty J’s wedding plans, Bachie mansion make out sessions and cat fights, check out our exclusive interview in the latest issue of NW magazine. On stands now!

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