Why Belinda was happy to leave The Bachelor mansion

“It was like Mean Girls and I didn’t want to contribute to that.”
Belinda The Bachelor

Self-love coach Belinda may not have found romance with Matty on The Bachelor Australia, but she’s glad to be away from all the drama in the house.

“He did me a favour by letting me go early, it was quite intense in there,” the 34-year-old tells TV WEEK of the energy in the mansion.

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“It was not an environment that I would want to be in long-term. You know in high school, you get your cliques with people being nice to your face and nasty behind your back.”

“There were pranks too – people were putting sugar in girls’ protein drinks. It was like Mean Girls and I didn’t want to contribute to that.”

Despite her wish to steer clear of the drama, Belinda says she found herself unwittingly at the centre of it at the cocktail party in tonight’s episode.

“There was some drama with Cobie which was unintentionally fuelled by advice I gave her. We had a conversation on how she was feeling regarding Matty. I said ‘If you don’t share it and get it out, it will fester.”

“So she went and had that conversation and created a tear within the house based on advice I gave her.”

Although Belinda didn’t get a huge amount of screen time on the show, she says she did get that coveted one-on-one conversation with Matty, 30 – we just didn’t see it.

“I did have a good chat to him in [Wednesday’s] episode which they didn’t air, I told him all about my life as a Sexpo emcee.”

“He asked me what was the most interesting thing I’ve seen at Sexpo and I said it was having to introduce someone having a live orgasm on stage and commentate,” she tells us with a laugh.

“He was delighted. I think he had me pinned as this love coach who had no fun in me.”

“I said to him ‘You’ve only seen my sugar side, you haven’t seen my spice side. This is it!’”

She says they did have a connection, but thinks “there were some girls who were preoccupying his mind more than me.”

“But, he always lit up when he saw me. I do think he genuinely liked me and he was sorry to see me go.”

“I think if he was older he’d be right for me, but we’re not on the same page right now. There’s somebody in there more compatible with him. Now I can find someone who sees me for me.”

For what it’s worth, Belinda thinks Laura and Elise are the frontrunners to win Matty’s heart – and even pegs dark horse Elise as her number one pick.

“Elise has independent feminine energy. Laura is more dominant. I think long-term, compatibility-wise, Elise would be more suited for Matty.”

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