Oh Sophie! You’ve made a monk of it… Guess who just revealed the winner of The Bachelorette

You better stop, better run away. You better NOT listen to what Sophie has to say...
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Lord have mercy… If you’re worried about spoilers for The Bachelorette Australia 2017, then your concerns are founded.

And don’t look at us, or even the Bachie boysahem Ryan Jones

Please focus your attention to a woman trying to conceal clearly the worst kept secret since Matty J picked Laura Byrne.

Yes, we’re talking about Miss Sophie Monk… AKA Australia’s Bachelorette… AKA (the not very good) guardian of the winner of The Bachelorette Australia, 2017.

^ Your contenders for this year’s winner… including the widely speculated leading man Stu Laundy

The 37-year-old may have fled to Thailand to avoid giving away the ending, but it turns out being overseas won’t stop the beloved icon from spilling to her radio mates, Kyle and Jackie O.

“You and I have been speaking, and I know you and Kyle have… but if we wanted to know, would you tell us?,” Jackie asked on air.

Sophie replied, “You know I would!”

Not missing a beat, Kyle quipped, “Well I’m going on record now saying I want to know.”

“I feel like I want to know too,” Jackie chimed.

Assuring both Sophie and the listeners, Kyle said, “We’ll get the censor to beep it out, so no-one else can here, just Jackie and I that can hear.”

Watch the entire segment in the video at the top!

Sophie has been close friends with Jackie O since her Popstars days… Check out incredible footage we’ve dug up from archives, sitting below!

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Jackie’s face when Sophie shared the winner’s name!

“OMG I can’t believe I’m going to find out!” Jackie squealed before Kyle began a countdown before Soph said the name.

Sophie, who is living her best life in Thailand with bestie Oscar Gordon, admitted fans will be “surprised” by the result.

At this point, many seem to think intruder Stu Laundy is the man who win’s Sophie’s heart.

No matter who takes home the fine rose, the singer is all smiles.

Speaking to KIIS FM’s Kate and Hughsey, Sophie said, “Yes, we are still together and still in love… I’m very happy.”

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