Skye Wheatley tells NW about her boob job nightmare…

After years of feeling self-conscious about her “wonky boobs” former Big Brother star Skye Wheatley headed off to Thailand last January for her “Bangkok boob job”.

She was beyond excited to finally be getting the cleavage of her dreams, and her Instagram account has since presented her as a body confident 22-year-old woman who loves to pose in skimpy outfits.

However, Skye reveals to NW that, despite appearances, her breast implants have left her devastated.

“I wanted to get them done so they would be symmetrical and because my right boob was a whole cup size smaller than the left one. They look OK in a bikini, but they’re really terrible underneath because I’ve now got a double bubble in the right one and they’re still different sizes – they’ve just swapped around,” she tells us.

“I’m even more self-conscious than I was before I had the surgery.”

The Gold Coast native was expecting to get her asymmetrical 10B/C breasts transformed into matching D-cups, hence her disappointment.

“They told me they were confident they would be able to get the size right, but two days after the surgery, I saw them in the mirror and they looked so different to what I’d hoped for,” says Skye.

Now, one year after the surgery, as she prepares to have her implants removed, Skye’s decided to warn other women about the dangers of breast-implant procedures

and opting to have them done abroad…

You’ve always seemed so confident about your body – why did you decide to have a boob job in the first place?

My right boob was a B-cup and the left boob was a C-cup. They just looked weird. Men had brought it to my attention, but I just wanted to get them sorted for me mostly.

What happened when you got to Thailand?

I had the consultation and the consultant told me they would put a certain amount of filling in my left boob and a higher amount in the right to even them out.

How did you feel after the surgery?

I woke up in so much pain. I had no idea a breast procedure would be so painful. I felt like a massive truck had been dropped on my chest.

I was in hospital for two days after the surgery with the bandages on and it was all so traumatic. I couldn’t even get up to go to the toilet I was in so much pain.

How did your mum feel about you getting the operation?

Mum was so stressed out about it and begged me not to go to Thailand. I didn’t really do much research, I didn’t pay enough attention to the complications and what could go wrong. I should have got them done in Australia and I wish I had got a few different opinions first. If you’ve got naturally symmetrical boobs, it’s going to be easier, but mine were more complex.

What was it like getting the bandages off?

When I finally got to take the bandages off, I just gasped and said, “This lump!” I was told, “That’s fine, it will go away in a month. You just need to massage it.” The surgeon was confident that once a bit of time had passed, I’d worn my compression bra and done all the massages that the lump would be gone and everything would be perfect.

The surgeon told us you didn’t follow recommendations for post-operative care. Did you do everything they told you to do?

Yes, I did wear the bra, even though it was really ugly, and I did all the massage, but the bubble just didn’t go away.

To find out what happened next, and what Skye’s doing about it now, pick up this week’s issue of NW, on sale now.

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