Seven Year Switch star Kaitlyn Isham is now dating five people, including a girl

The controversial contender is ‘happier’ than ever.
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The standout of the second season of Seven Year Switch was hands-down Kaitlyn Isham, whose past, including being punched in the face by her stepfather, her admission of a ‘serious drinking problem’ and a reported pornstar alter ego, captured headlines as soon as the relationship reality dating show went to air on Channel 7 back in April.

Well, it’s now official: she’s now on!

“I couldn’t be happier… [I’m living] a new life that has allowed me to spread my wings that were clipped before,” the reality star tells OK!.

The 29-year-old has moved back to the US and is living in Los Angeles, where she’s working her “dream job” in the production side of reality TV. And she’s separated from her partner Mark Pisani, with who she appeared with on SYS.

“I’m super – busy going on lots of dates and parties. I’m dating like five people, including a girl. I’m not ready to settle down yet,” she explains.

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So what happened with Mark?

“When the first episode aired, Mark kicked me out. He said it’s because I broke the promise of “sharing a bed on TV”… [but] I think the truth was he was ashamed of my past as a webcam model and alcoholic (even though he knew all about it before),” Kaitlyn begins.

“He is a very private person and cares a lot what people think. We continued to try to make things work and went to therapy and lived separately. He lied to his family and friends that we were even seeing each other I was like a secret and I feel sick knowing I sunk so low.”

She says that not having Mark’s support during the difficult period she refers to as the “absolute worst lows in my life” was hard.

“He kicked me when I was down, when he should have been there for me. He made me think it was all my fault and I thought I was a horrible person because of how hard the show was on him.”

The two are still in touch, although Kaitlyn isn’t sure if it’s the best option.

Even though she doesn’t think it’s the best idea, Kaitlyn and Mark are still in contact.

“Every time we talk I cry. We are both seeing other people now but we’re maybe not 100 per cent over everything. We did have some great times. I’m still trying to figure out if staying friends is realistic. I’ve already blocked and unblocked him on social media three separate times,” she explains.

And while the reality contender mightn’t have had the best experience on SYS, she doesn’t rule out the show as an avenue for other couples hoping to mend their broken relationships.

“If you have thick skin and don’t take yourself too seriously, by all means go for it and enjoy it. It’s super fun, just make sure you have a really supportive partner,” she tells, adding, “In hindsight I have no regrets because this crazy journey brought me to my true destiny which isn’t with Mark.”

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