Rove McManus and Tasma Walton chat about their tiny talented daughter Ruby

'She comes out with some corkers'
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Triple Gold Logie winner Rove McManus doesn’t often open up about his parenting experiences. On the red carpet at the TV WEEK Logie Awards, however, he and his actress wife, Tasma Walton, couldn’t stop raving about their little girl, Ruby.

It seems she’s already showing signs of following in her famous parents’ footsteps, sporting some impressive performance skills of her own.

“For a four-year-old, she has a finely honed sense of humour,” Tasma, 44, revealed.

“She comes out with some corkers. And she’s very good at rhyming.”

Rove, 44, adds: “So she could end up being a rap-battle winner or something. She might surprise us.”

In fact, Rove was quite taken with the idea of having a rapper for a daughter.

“It would give us some extra cred,” he laughed. “I’d take that.”

Little Ruby came with Rove and Tasma to the Gold Coast for the Logies. That means that the couple, who have been married for nine years, didn’t get much alone time.

“No, we’re not having a romantic weekend away,” Tasma said. “We have our small human being somewhere.”

In fact, the youngster loved every minute of their time on the Gold Coast.

“Ruby has spent a day by the pool,” Rove explained, while Tasma added that their daughter “wants to move here [to Queensland]”.

The couple are clearly smitten with their little girl.

“She’s her own little person,” Tasma said. “She has a wonderful spirit and personality and is very expressive.”

Rove enjoys just hanging out with her.

“She has a wonderful sense of creative play, which I have a lot of fun with,” he said.

With the family settled back in Australia after Rove’s stint in the US, both parents have found themselves in demand.

Tasma has been keeping busy with roles in Aussie drama series Cleverman and Mystery Road. Meanwhile, Rove’s panel show, Show Me The Movie, has been renewed for a second season.

“It was a fun run,” he enthused.

“It was a bit of a whirlwind. It’ll be nice to be back. Just for me, being back in a studio in front of an audience is always a joy.”

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