Neighbours: Tyler’s charges have been upgraded to murder

Will he go to jail?
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Things went from bad to worse for Tyler Brennan (Travis Burns) on Neighbours last night when his charge was upgraded to murder.

The mechanic had been previously charged with manslaughter for the death of his biological father Hamish (Sean Taylor).

That charge seemed fair given Tyler didn’t intend to kill the conman when he impulsively struck Hamish with a garden gnome. Add to that the fact that Hamish was manipulating Tyler, it was expected to help him get a reduced sentence.

But now it looks like Tyler could be facing a long time behind bars for something he didn’t mean to do.

The whole saga started when Tyler’s father Russell passed away. Tyler then found out he was not a Brennan at all because his mother Fay (Zoe Bertram) had an affair with Hamish. Then Hamish soon showed up in town and began driving a wedge between Tyler and his brothers.

The schemer was after the boat Tyler and Aaron (Matt Wilson) inherited in Russell’s will. That’s because Hamish was facing jail for tax avoidance and wanted to flee the country using the boat.

But since the boat was faulty, Hamish needed Tyler to go with him so it could be repaired as needed. So Hamish caused a rift between both Tyler and Mark (Scott McGregor) and Tyler and Piper (Mavournee Hazel) to make Tyler want to leave.

Eventually Hamish’s scheme unravelled and with mounting evidence that Hamish wasn’t as genuine as he seemed.

Tyler and Hamish.

Hamish then revealed the truth and Tyler was so furious he grabbed the closest object and whacked Hamish over the head with it. When Tyler left the scene, Hamish was still alive.

However, the next morning he was found face-down in the Canning family spa. Following an unsuccessful investigation to find the killer, Tyler came to the shocking realisation that his attack must have led to Hamish’s death.

And now Tyler could go to jail for murder! Do you think he’ll end up behind bars? Write to us on Facebook!

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