Harrowing Neighbours story line descends into violence as Finn takes on his father

Will he return to his evil ways for good?
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Finn’s memory has slowly been returning in recent episodes of Neighbours, and it’s sending him back down a dark and dangerous path.

And when Finn tracks down his old storage locker, discovering what’s inside could see him revert to his evil ways for good.

Returning memories lead Finn to a violent clash with his father.

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The drama picks up as Finn (Rob Mills) is plagued by the memory of a storage unit.

While he can’t remember where it is, he knows someone who does: Harry Sinclair (Paul Dawber) – his once ruthless ally.

Paul Dawber uploaded this picture to his Instagram with the caption “Playing Harry Sinclair on @neighbours tonight, so off to jail. Will Finn visit me? Stay tuned. #neighbourstv #tvactor #actorslife #soapopera #harrysinclair”.

Paul Dawber on Instagram (@paul_dawber)

With David’s (Takaya Honda) supervision, Finn pays Harry a visit in prison.

When they arrive, Finn tries to use Harry’s affection for him to dig for information on the locker.

Pretending to be in turmoil over his past, Finn manages to secure the information he needs and, once alone, he heads straight to the unit, opening the door to the locker and his evil past.

Finn meets with Harry Sinclair, his once ruthless ally.

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Later, Finn agrees to meet with his father, Trent (Peter Houghton). When his dad tries to apologise for their tumultuous past, Finn snaps.

He’s discovered Trent’s secret that led to Finn being taken hostage and abandoned in Colombia when he was younger. Finn lashes out and his dark side quickly resurfaces.

Finn’s dark side resurfaces when he meets up with his estranged father.

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Knowing Finn has gone to meet his dad, a concerned Elly (Jodi Anasta) checks in with him.

Unaware of what’s really happened between Finn and his dad, Elly comforts Finn in the wake of the distressing confrontation.

As the feelings between the pair continue to grow, tension builds – will they give in to their feelings?

The feelings between the Finn and Elly continue to grow.

(Credit: Channel 10)

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With the spark between them still there, the pair finally manage to give in to their feelings and reunite!

As though it were fate, Paige (Olympia Valance) and Mark (Scott McGregor) found themselves back on Ramsay Street at the same time.

Mark seizes the opportunity with the one who got away.

(Credit: Channel 10)

With Paige’s relationship with Jack (Andrew Morley) coming to an end, Mark seizes the opportunity with the one who got away.

Paige and Mark can’t hold back their feelings for each other.

(Credit: Channel 10)

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